Nikita and LFN Episode Summaries

2013-04-29 New Episodes of Warehouse 13 are on Syfy tonight at 10. Watch it live. Much like Nikita it has a loyal but small following, unfortunately that’s not always enough to get it renewed. Tune in and check it out. Check out RenewWarehouse13 for more updates.

So I picked up the Nikita show a little late, not sure how I missed it coming out, and decided to refresh my La Femme Nikita site. I was a fan of the 1997 La Femme Nikita series with Peta Wilson and Roy Dupuis so I’ll be comparing the new show to the old one from time to time. And my commentary will mostly be mixed into the episode summaries.

I am enjoying the new Nikita series with Maggie Q. I miss the more mysterious version of Michael portrayed by Roy Dupuis though.

Amazon has Nikita: The Complete First Season on DVD and Instant Video.

If you can’t get Nikita on your TV then check out Amazon for Nikita: Season Two as well. Back in 1997 we didn’t have these streaming options; some dedicated fans actually traded VHS tapes! Or you had to hope and wait for a repeat.

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