La Femme Nikita Season 1 Episode 2 – Charity

Title: Charity

Air Date: February 3, 1997

Synopsis: Nikita is ordered to romance a man that Section believes to be laundering money for terrorist organizations.

Section arranges for Nikita to ‘save’ Alec Chandler from being hit by a car. Chandler tracks her down, calls her, and Nikita accepts a date; going to see him on his boat. She finds that he runs homes for street kids and begins to grow fond of him.

Nikita returns to Section and questions the reason for her mission, they tell her that he launders money, but there’s more. Nikita interrupts Chandler at work, taking photos of his computer screen while pretending to argue with him, then agrees to meet him later that night.

That night she questions him about an upcoming business trip, and later meets with Michael. Again, she questions the reason for her mission.

Nikita accompanies Chandler to a fund raiser, slips out the bathroom window and swims around the boat to plant a surveillance device, and slips back in before she’s missed. Michael breaks into Chandler’s computer, however the system is being monitored and a virus unsuccessfully attacks Section’s system. Michael gets out of the room and plants the evidence on a security guard while pretending to be drunk. The security guard accuses Nikita of knowing the man responsible, but Chandler tells him to disappear.

Section finds Skyler, Chandler’s middle man, and interrogates him. During which Nikita finds out Chandler is smuggling children as slaves, and the shelters are only a front. Nikita is mad but Michael remarks that she wouldn’t have been able to perform knowing the truth. An inspection team finds the bug Nikita planted.

Chandler permits Nikita to accompany him on his trip, at which time he confronts Nikita and threatens to sell her into slavery. When Chandler leaves the room Nikita quickly overcomes the guards. Chandler meets a man to exchange a truck load of kids, who are caged in the trailer. Operatives surround the meeting and open fire, Chandler rolls a barrel of fuel against the trailer and threatens to kill them all. Nikita attacks him. Michael drives the truck away from danger while Chandler burns in the flames. Operations meets with Nikita; Section wanted Chandler alive.

Michael apologizes at her apartment, saying he does what he has to. Nikita holds him at gun point and asks him why she shouldn’t shoot him. He responds by saying, “I can’t think of a single reason.” then kisses her and leaves.

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