La Femme Nikita Season 1 Episode 3 – Love

Title: Love

Air Date: February 17, 1997

Synopsis: Nikita and Michael pose as hitmen to infiltrate an arms dealer’s organization and prevent a biological attack.

Bower, an international arms smuggler steals a canister of El Virus a deadly nerve gas. The nerve gas has a limited shelf life, so will be used soon, Section One must act quickly to prevent its use. Michael and Nikita pose as a newly married couple of mercenaries, thus gaining access to Bower’s compound. After a brief meeting an uneasy Bower orders them to leave, on the way out they over power their escort. While Bower is watching the action thru his rifle’s scope Nikita appears from behind setting the muzzle of her gun on his neck – they’re in.

That night Nikita sneaks from the compound to give the location of the test bombing to Walter. Next morning Michael and Nikita accompany Bower on the mission. Bower is delayed in returning from the building, Nikita goes in followed by Michael, and discovers the building was not evacuated as Section had indicated. They take Bower to the waiting van.

Bower meets Nikita and Michael for dinner, after which Bower wants Michael to watch him have sex with his ‘wife’ Nikita. Then Bower decides to watch instead. Nikita begins to perform for Michael and as the camera is focused on her Michael puts a small explosive in the ventilation duct. When it explodes Michael breaks into Bower’s computer while Nikita waits for Bower. Michael returns with the location, a train station, and subdues Bower. Nikita and Michael take Bower to the station. Michael chases after Bower’s man while Nikita stays with Bower. She discovers the nerve gas is on the tracks and removes it seconds before a train crosses. After debriefing, Nikita is abhorred to see Bower meeting with Operations.

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