La Femme Nikita Season 1 Episode 18 – Voices

Title: Voices

Air Date: August 17, 1997

Synopsis: Nikita gets tangled up in a police investigation after she batters a known rapist.

While doing surveillance near a Central European Consulate, Nikita is assaulted by a man but easily subdues him, leaving him battered. However, their was a witness. Police examine the man who attempted to rape Nikita, and discover he’s a known serial rapist. And now they need Nikita’s testimony. Nikita observes this and goes to Walter for advice, he tells her to untangle herself quickly.

Surveillance on the embassy continues. As the target starts a morning jog he is secured and taken to Section. After interrogating the man, Madeline learns of a meeting time with Leon Elder.

A police detective, Marco O’Brien, tracks down Nikita and shows up at her apartment to asks for her help. She refuses and he leaves but takes her glass, and finger prints, with him. With the help of a CIA friend he discovers Nikita’s true identity.

While at home, Nikita is approached by her friend Carla’s boyfriend and throws him out. Later she comforts her friend about the loss. During a mission to secure Elder at a galleria, the detective confronts Nikita with his new information. The mission is aborted due to his interference. After which, Nikita reports to Madeline. Madeline tells her that they would’ve relocated her and given the detective what he needed if she had told them about the exposure in the beginning. Nikita asks for a chance and gets it, Nikita offers to make his suspect disappear if he forgets about her.

Section locates Elder and secure him. Then Operations sends Nikita out to, ‘clean up her mess.’ Nikita kidnaps the suspect then Section calls the detective and brings him to the drugged suspect. Nikita shoots the rapist with the officer’s gun, framing him for murder. Then offers him a place in Section, he accepts having no alternative.

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