La Femme Nikita Season 2 Episode 5 – New Regime

Title: New Regime

Air Date: March 1, 1998

Synopsis: Petrosian takes command of Section One when an attempt is made on Operations life. Nikita must make a hard decision about who’s side she will take.

An operative shoots Operations during a briefing about R1 a new nerve gas. During the ordeal Nikita notices a trace of concern for Operations in Michael. While Operations is in intensive care, Egran Petrosian (the deep cover agent rescued last season) takes command and immediately starts giving orders and changing assignments. Operations is near death when Madeline threatens the doctors, ordering them to the impossible then the unthinkable to keep him alive.

Michael is sent on a mission to retrieve a disk, he is about to be caught but Nikita orders his successful retrieval (against procedure). Petrosian congratulates Nikita then asks her to be his second-in-command. Nikita meets Madeline outside Operation’s room, and despite warnings from Madeline, Nikita believes that Petrosian is the better man to run Section One because of his straightforwardness and accepts his offer. Petrosian asks her to spy on Walter.

Operatives infiltrate a hospital to secure a doctor connected with R1, the mission nearly fails when Sykes makes a mistake. Petrosian sends Michael and Nikita on a date apparently as a reward to her. Nikita is sent to interrogate and dispose of the doctor, who gives the location as northern Iraq after Nikita promises his freedom. Nikita asks Birkhoff to research the operative who shot Operations, his mother in particular.

Petrosian orders Nikita to cancel Sykes, Madeline shoots from the shadows when Nikita hesitates. Madeline tells Nikita Petrosian must be stopped cause he hired the hit on Operations. Nikita offers that Madeline may have tampered with files to turn her against Petrosian. Madeline asks her to choose sides, Nikita replies, "I no longer take orders form you." Nikita offers to kill Operations for Petrosian. She sets up a computer anomaly as a diversion and during the mission to northern Iraq enters Operations room. When Nikita appears unable to finish, Petrosian steps in and injects Operations.

It was a trap. Madeline and Operations confront Petrosian. Later, Petrosian asks Operations to shake his hand as a last request, Operations complies. Nikita talks briefly to Madeline, says she had a taste of what its like to be her and doesn’t like it.

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