La Femme Nikita Season 2 Episode 9 – Open Heart

Title: Open Heart

Air Date: April 5, 1998

Synopsis: Red Cell has created a human time bomb and Section has two weeks to find the carrier and target.

Red Cell has created a human time bomb and Section has two weeks to find the carrier and target. Nikita enters a prison to capture a Red Cell operative, Jenna Vogler, known to be present at the surgery. Birkhoff finds that the United Nations is the probable target.

Inside the prison. Nikita approaches Vogler while operatives wait outside to execute the mission. However, an anomaly occurs when a military inspection begins. The mission is aborted and Nikita is left inside the prison. While redesigning the scenario Birkhoff discovers tunnels beneath the jail, one of which will lead out, but now Nikita must convince Vogler to go with her. Michael visits Nikita, as her lawyer, and gives her a new com link.

Meanwhile, Walter asks Birkhoff to research Belinda, an operative he’s interested in. Birkhoff finds she’s scheduled to be terminated and changes the file without telling Walter.

Inside the prison Nikita begins to befriend Vogler. They check out the tunnels that night and on the way back Nikita is caught, she’s interrogated and severely beaten. Vogler thanks her but questions why she did it, then the two become more intimate. The next night they escape from the prison.

Vogler is taken to be interrogated, but she seems too well trained to respond to their tests. They showed her photos while monitoring her reaction to no avail, then Nikita talked to her to try affecting her. Then Michael questions Birkhoff about a post-sequence result and has Birkhoff replay the sequence while he watches the photos, he sees his reflection.

Nikita finds the scar from surgery on Vogler, and she’s sent to containment; she is the bomb. Red Cell wanted her to be taken to Section, the real target.

Operations gives Birkhoff a warning about tampering with files and congratulates Nikita.

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