La Femme Nikita Season 2 Episode 12 – Soul Sacrifice

Title: Soul Sacrifice

Air Date: June 14, 1998

Synopsis: A rogue NSA agent must be contained. Nikita discovers a fellow agent is pregnant.

A rogue NSA agent must be contained. During a mission Nikita learns that an operative, Terry, is pregnant. And Nikita later believes that Michael may be the father. Operations informs Nikita that she will be under close observation, however Nikita covers for Terry and attempts to protect the unborn child. Terry leaves Section but Michael and Nikita recapture her. Terry then defects to assist the rogue NSA agent. In the end Nikita confronts and stops her – the rogue agent is recovered and Terry probably has an abortion. Michael tells Nikita he is not the father, I think she believes him.

Category(s): La Femme Nikita, LFN

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