La Femme Nikita Season 2 Episode 18 – Off Profile

Title: Off Profile

Air Date: August 2, 1998

Synopsis: The Section must stop the sale of ‘designer viruses’ that will target specific races. Operations asks Walter to cover for him.

A new mission Profiler, Andrea, comes to Section One and goes on a mission with Nikita and Michael, for field experience. The Section must stop the sale of designer viruses, viruses that will target specific races.

Michael attempts and succeeds in seducing Andrea, while Nikita is somewhat concerned and jealous. But when Michael tells Andrea that he was investigating her and was no longer interested; Andrea plans revenge.

When Nikita and Michael go to destroy the lab, Andrea locks Michael in a security chamber. Nikita helps him out and the mission is a success.

Upon returning to Section, Nikita asks Michael what he plans to do…he replies nothing. Operations informs Nikita that Andrea was cancelled; apparently she was suspected of being emotionally unstable and was being tested. She failed.

Section One is also being investigated by their superiors. Operations asks Walter to lie about a mission in which his fiance, Belinda, was sacrificed. Walter tells Operations that he’s not sure if he will cover for him and tells Operations to go ahead and cancel him.

Madeline studies Walter and tells Operations that he is willing to die. Section then tries to bribe Walter with a simulation of Belinda on disc. Ultimately Walter goes along with the cover story but for his own reasons. He tells Madeline and Operations never to mention Belinda again, and hands them the erased disc. Madeline admits that she does not sure what motivates Walter.

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