La Femme Nikita Season 2 Episode 21 – Adrian’s Garden

Title: Adrian’s Garden

Air Date: August 23, 1998

Synopsis: Season 2 Finale, Part 1. Nikita’s friend Carla is an undercover agent and takes Nikita goes to a secret meeting.

Nikita’s friend and neighbor Carla and Steven kidnap Nikita and take her to meet someone. When Michael can not contact Nikita he asks Birkhoff to locate her clock frequency (Section implanted a tracking device in her without her knowing). However, when Birkhoff tries to locate her, the signal was being tampered with.

Madeline is still upset with Operations about Charles Sand (from Season 2 Episode 20) and when he brings in Ray, to be trained as her back up, assumes he will be her replacement.

Nikita meets Adrian, who knows about Section One, she gives Nikita a cover story to give Operations and tells her she will be convinced of the importance of the situation on her next mission.

Michael confronts Nikita when she returns appearing to accept her story but knowing that someone tampered with her tracker. After a successful mission to Central Africa an unknown plane kills two operatives and shoots a circle around Michael.

Nikita asks Walter about Adrian; he tells Nikita she’s the Mother of Section One, she founded the organization, and is the only person Madeline was ever afraid of.

During a second meeting with Adrian Nikita learns that Adrian wants her help to destroy Section. She needs someone on the inside. Adrian explains the background of how the Sections were formed and how Operations slowly changed the Section to serve itself and him. And that no one man should have that much power.

Adrian stays in contact with Nikita and talks Nikita through a plan to get the information she needs. Adrian gets her Level-2 access codes and directs her to an undocumented part of Section One and then tells Nikita how to make a link that will let her download data. Michael almost catches Nikita but she talks her way out of it and returns to meet Adrian.

Nikita wants out but after Operations manipulates a mission, which Ray was in charge of, to kill a man Oversight wanted alive (but Operations wanted dead) – Nikita agrees to help Adrian.

After the apparent failure Ray faces cancellation and Madeline realizes Operations brought the man in to save her.

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