La Femme Nikita Season 2 Episode 22 – End Game

Title: End Game

Air Date: August 30, 1998

Synopsis: Season 2 Finale, Part 2. Nikita continues working with Adrian until she has to make a decision between Adrian and allowing Operations to stay in power.

Walter finds Nikita coming out of a classified area but doesn’t report her. Nikita delivers another file to Adrian and tells her she is getting nervous. Adrian gives Nikita a device for Michael to ‘find’ on their next mission, which will help her gain access to the most secret part of Section One and the file on ‘Gemstone’.

Michael finds the device and returns it to Section to be investigated. Nikita gets the Gemstone file but while it’s downloading she attempts to view the personnel directory and sets off an alarm. Adrian framed a different operative who got cancelled.

With the security breach unresolved Operations begins a general inquiry. Adrian tells Nikita how to pass the test but Nikita is still suspected along with two other operatives; one of whom must be working with Adrian.

Michael confronts Nikita at her apartment and offers to help save her but Nikita refuses to confess. Michael tells Operations she is working with Adrian. Nikita takes the file to Adrian and views it; seeing that Section One supported and kept Hussein in power (real life reference to the U.S. Desert Storm).

Adrian discusses, with Nikita, the four men who could deal with the file and expose Section One. Operations is aware of the four possibilities and kills one of them as Nikita is about to deliver the file. Nikita returns with Adrian to her house but Section One is already there. Michael tells Nikita to run but she refuses. The two ladies are brought back to Section where Operations releases Nikita and congratulates her on her latest mission; to bring in Adrian.

Operations orders Adrian’s cancellation but Nikita tells him, "It’s not over till I say it’s over." Nikita made a copy of the Gemstone file and has it set to release over the Internet unless she intervenes. Operations and Adrian lobby for her support, but in the end Nikita does not release the file. Believing that without Section perhaps the world would be worse. Operations tells Madeline to take care of Adrian and cancel Nikita, however, Madeline tells him to send Nikita on more frequent missions and eventually the problem will take care of itself.

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