La Femme Nikita Season 3 Episode 1 – Looking for Michael

Title: Looking for Michael

Air Date: January 3, 1999

Synopsis: Since the incident involving Adrian, the mother of Section, Nikita has been assigned more missions recently as Operations and Madeline want rid of her.

Since the incident involving Adrian (Season 2: Adrian’s Garden and End Game), the mother of Section, Nikita has been assigned more missions recently. Upon returning from a mission, an operative tells Nikita about some friends who shouldn’t have been out – and were killed. The dead operatives were witnesses in the Adrian incident and Nikita gets suspicious. Ops and Madeline say this will be Nikita’s last mission, and Michael doesn’t know.

Nikita is assigned point on an observation mission against New Path. Prior to the mission she speaks with Walter about her suspicions that she’s about to be cancelled. During the mission Operations calls Birkhoff away from his post, Nikita is ordered to hold position. She escapes multiple attacks and dives thru a window on to a car and runs into the crowded streets.

Now certain she was setup, she returns to Section with Chris – the team leader – who assures her he was doing his job. Madeline states that, "apparently we trained her too well."

Nikita confides in Birkhoff, who explains Oversight to her. Birkhoff assists her in stealing a retina scan from Chris then breaking into a classified area to get Michael’s address. Upon arriving, Nikita thinks she has the wrong house, then finds out Michael has a wife and son. She questions Michael if the family is real and asks for his help.

He meets with Nikita later and they form a plan.

George, from Oversight, tells Madeline and Operations he’ll crush them if he finds they killed Adrian. Michael, Birkhoff, and Nikita corner Chris and blackmail him to plant a bug in Madeline’s office. Birkhoff is nearly caught while establishing a link from the bug directed to Oversight.

Nikita is sent on another mission, Michael confronts Madeline, "abort the mission or else…" But Madeline found the bug. Nikita is apparently double-crossed by Chris.

However, upon receiving a call from Oversight, Operations orders a different building targeted and destroyed. The team returns to Section, and Nikita meets with Operations and Madeline. They tell her she is no longer a threat. But they lied and Oversight is watching, furthermore they are aware Birkhoff assisted but decide he’s too valuable.

Then Michael admits the marriage is part of a mission and the child is his.

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