La Femme Nikita Season 3 Episode 3 – Opening Night Jitters

Title: Opening Night Jitters

Air Date: January 17, 1999

Synopsis: Section wants Michael to poison Elena to expedite Valchek’s visit.

Section wants Michael to poison Elena to expedite Valchek’s visit. Nikita is assigned to confirm the action. As per Walter’s instructions, Michael puts the drug in Elena’s wine. But he ‘accidentally’ knocks the glass out of her hand before she could drink. Operations was not pleased.

Michael leads a team to interrogate a man linked to Valchek; they wire the man to allow Madeline to question him through a Virtual Reality style interface. Upon returning home, Michael realizes that Section poisoned Elana while he was out. Madeline sends Nikita to meet Michael at the hospital. Michael tells Nikita, "If she dies, they die."

Valchek is informed of the situation and has Michael kidnapped and brought to him. Michael asks him to come see his dying daughter but he declines. After returning to the hospital, Michael asks Operations to send the antidote since Valchek isn’t coming. Nikita and Michael bring Adam to see his mother, Nikita suggests that Michael call Walter for the antidote, but Valchek’s man calls at the same time.

After his men sweep the hospital, Sala Valchek enters Elana’s room. Section operatives take out his backup, then an operative shoots Valchek and Michael in front of Elana.

Michael debriefs with Madeline and Operations. They acknowledge his personal sacrifice, and assure him that Elana and Adam will be provided for – Michael never spoke – and later wandered the streets in thought. An operative who just moved next door to Nikita, visited her, apparently Section killed Elana anyhow.

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