La Femme Nikita Season 3 Episode 4 – Gates of Hell

Title: Gates of Hell

Air Date: January 24, 1999

Synopsis: The last of a four part arc exploring Michael more intimately than before. The episode opens with Michael mourning the loss of his son Adam.

The last of a four part arc exploring Michael more intimately than before. The episode opens with Michael mourning the loss of his son Adam. Section tries to get Rhevich’s laptop which contains vital intel concerning Red Cell.

Michael is not focused on the mission, Operations speaks to him about his own son, whom he did not see grow up while a POW in Vietnam. Operations tells Michael to, "Get over it."

Michael is assigned a position at tactical, Nikita stays to observe, and covers for him when his concentration falters. Birkhoff speaks to Walter about a secret file he found, which he believed was an attempt by Operations to spy on Oversight. Madeline tells Operations it would, "be a pity to destroy Michael. He’s worth the effort." But he disagrees.

Nikita and Michael are assigned a mission that involves Rhevich and his son. During the mission the father shoots the son in his own attempt to escape. This prompts Michael to leave his hidden position, which gets captured by a surveillance tape, and chase after the man. After killing him he removes a mask – a plan by Section to make Michael believe the man killed his own son. Madeline questions Operations judgment on the failed plan.

Nikita persuades Birkhoff to give her Michael’s new address, then finds him playing the cello – it was Adam’s birthday. Someone takes a shot at him, and he isn’t phased. Nikita begins guarding Michael since he seems to have given up on life.

Walter and Birkhoff devise a plan to blackmail Operations with the file, but when they present it, Operations scolds them for taking so long to pass the test. Informing them that he planted it to test their ability and reactions. Thoroughly dismayed they return to their posts and Birkhoff places the file in a cabinet; Operations quickly retrieves it and Birkhoff realizes it wasn’t a test.

Michael is late to a briefing, and prepares for a third mission to obtain Rhevich. During the attack Nikita is captured while Michael is observing. Operations tells him to abort, he says, "No." and gives chase on a motorcycle.

Michael finds them interrogating Nikita, after killing several mercenaries he informs Rhevich, "the man who killed your son is dead." then shoots him.

Michael appears to have recovered, taking initiative to return Nikita to Section. Operations planned for Nikita’s abduction, knowing it would likely prompt Michael back into action, he tells Madeline that a closer relationship may help their performance, though it will be closely monitored. Michael and Nikita go out for coffee.

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