La Femme Nikita Season 3 Episode 5 – Imitation of Death

Title: Imitation of Death

Air Date: March 7, 1999

Synopsis: A young boy blows himself up in a crowded shopping mall. The man responsible is Ivan Chernov, and Section One plans to stop him.

A young boy blows himself up in a crowded shopping mall. The man responsible is Ivan Chernov, and Section One plans to stop him. Michael and Nikita, pose as cocaine dealers and arrange to meet Chernov.

However, to Nikita’s surprise, Michael sells her to Chernov and she is taken to his compound.

In Section, Felix threatens to kill Birkhoff. Birkhoff asks Michael what to do. Michael simply says, "Don’t let him."

Nikita awakens in a cage and triggers her transponder allowing Section to get her location. Chernov arrives and tells her to strip, she reluctantly complies, and she is exposed to some type of scan. After a brief discussion with Chernov Nikita suspects that something more is going on, and asks Birkhoff to have the retrieval mission delayed. Operations agrees, Madeline and Operations realize their suspicions may be right.

Chernov allows Nikita to explore the compound. In Section, Birkhoff is getting more nervous about Felix and goes to Walter for advice, then reassigns Felix to an earlier mission. While exploring, Nikita finds a very disturbing training center for turning young boys into suicide bombers. Chernov plans to make Nikita a mother, they subdue her and take one of her eggs.

After awaking, Nikita tells Birkhoff to send in a team, then assaults the guards and tries to escape. Nikita finds Chernov in a lab. While holding him hostage she discovers he is doing genetic experiments; cloning. As the team attacks, Chernov realizes he has been set up and injects himself with poison.

Birkhoff, back in Section, is confronted by Felix about his reassignment and promises to return. Birkhoff gets an ’emergency’ gun from Walter. Nikita learns from Madeline that one of Chernov’s children made it out, then asks to go after him.

Birkhoff questions Madeline about a missing tape from Felix’s mission, he can’t confirm his death – then realizes that Section might be testing him and Madeline can’t tell him anyhow.

Nikita finds the boy and manages to disarm him by appealing to his trained killer instinct. Later after talking with Walter, Nikita discovers Section has been more successful than Chernov with cloning. She believes one girl might be her clone and takes Michael to the room to prove herself. However, the room is now empty.

Birkhoff becomes trapped in a corridor and, hearing footsteps, prepares to shoot Felix – but it is Operations and he nervously retreats.

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