La Femme Nikita Season 3 Episode 6 – Love and Country

Title: Love and Country

Air Date: March 21, 1999

Synopsis: Section goes after politician Nikolai Markali, believed to be connected to a terrorist group Bodenheim.

A man is brought in for interrogation about his relationship to Bodenheim and Nikolai Markali a European politician, Operations forces him to confess as he wanted for the video. Since Markali is popular, Operations decides to work through Nikolai’s wife Corinne.

Corinne is also Operations ex-wife who remarried when Paul (Operations) decided to stay MIA, rather than return as a POW, to work in Section. Operations is suspected both by Section and Oversight of having a personal motive but the mission is executed anyhow.

Madeline poses as Corinne’s new therapist and alters her mind with a powerful drug. Nikita goes to work in Markali’s campaign office and is ordered to seduce him. Section arranges for Nikita to save his life, and get closer to him.

Operations watches the playback of Corinne’s session with Madeline and appears to still love her. Nikita speaks to Madeline about her doubts but is told to proceed. Nikita takes Markali to her house for dinner and when she fails to seduce him Section alters the video to show otherwise. When Corinne can’t find Markali one night, Madeline begins feeding the thought of an affair. Corinne calls a private investigator that her therapist recommended and Michael answers. He delivers the altered video.

Nikita recovers files from Markali’s system for Birkhoff to decode and perhaps further implicate Markali. Nikolai rushes home to Corinne and sees the video, the next day he confronts Nikita and asks her to tell the truth. Instead she continues the lie and Corinne gets even more unstable.

Madeline, posing as the therapist, calls Markali and tells him to rush home to his wife since she may be suicidal. Then Michael goes to Corinne and tells her that Markali plans to kill her, but he’ll help.

When Nikolai returns home she murders him. After Birkhoff decrypted the files Madeline apologizes to Operations for questioning his motives. Nikita tells Michael that knowing Markali was dirty doesn’t make her feel any better.

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