La Femme Nikita Season 3 Episode 7 – Cat and Mouse

Title: Cat and Mouse

Air Date: March 28, 1999

Synopsis: A man in a wheel chair is attempting to trick Section One, and has created a woman, Abby, to replace Nikita.

A man in a wheel chair is attempting to trick Section One, and has created a woman, Abby, to replace Nikita. Nikita arrives at a briefing with a cold. Apparently a new terrorist is creating biological weapons. Nikita and Michael recover samples from the chemical lab and set a charge for 90 seconds. During the somewhat chaotic departure, Abby shoots Nikita with a tranquilizer then takes her place returning to Section. The real Nikita is taken to a compound where she awakes to meet the man in the wheel chair, remembering him as her torturer from a previous mission whom she thought was dead.

Back in Section Michael has suspicions about Nikita’s sudden recovery from her cold, but Abby keeps her cover. Nikita must cooperate or Abby will kill Michael, so Nikita talks Abby through various procedures. Since Nikita doesn’t have access to the mission profile Abby seduces Birkhoff while the profile is remotely downloaded.

Birkhoff talks to Walter about the encounter, but neither yet realizes it wasn’t the real Nikita. During another briefing, Klans Honig, a supplier, is named as the subject of the next mission. Michael asks Nikita why she’s wearing glasses. She (Abby) tells him her eyes are sore, but she needs them so her boss can see what’s going on.

During the next mission, Birkhoff suspects a trap and orders an abort but all operatives except Michael and Nikita are killed. However, when reviewing tapes of the mission its revealed that Nikita was deliberately avoided by the terrorists. Nikita is suspected of working with Red Cell.

Operations tells Michael to watch Nikita, then tells Madeline to watch Michael. Nikita, the real one, suggests to her captor that she and Michael go out on their nights off. He believes it since it fits with her file. So Abby proposes the idea to Michael and he plays along. That night he seduces Abby, then the phone rings calling them in. Nikita (Abby) runs into Walter, he says there’s a flash mission.

They prepare to depart, Michael removes her glasses and smashes them as Section infiltrates the compound. The man begs Nikita to finish what she started and kill him.

When Birkhoff meets the real Nikita again he is confused but she relieves his insecurity. Then Nikita faces Abby but hesitates to kill her, Madeline tells her she may regret not doing it herself. Michael watches on a screen outside as a gunshot is fired.

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