La Femme Nikita Season 3 Episode 10 – Under the Influence

Title: Under the Influence

Air Date: April 25, 1999

Synopsis: Nikita gets close to a terrorist to draw out his brother Simon.

A group of terrorists are talking and passing around photos, then they kill their informants. One of the men, Carl, is captured and interrogated to find his brother Simon’s location and some missing Anthrax rockets.

Nikita is used to reprogram Carl after Section wipes his mind. While doing routine research, Birkhoff finds that Operations son has been killed by a man due for a meeting in Section later in the week. He tells Madeline but she tells him not to concern himself with it.

Operations is very troubled after viewing the file on his son. After seeing how distraught Operations is, Madeline calls George at Oversight about a matter.

Nikita talks to Walter about her troubled feelings. Walter analyzes the mission file given to her and finds that she’s being conditioned to care for Carl. After speaking to Madeline she slaps Michael. Carl and Nikita meet with Husan, after the meeting Section killed everyone else. Simon contacts Carl and they go to meet him.

While there, Simon begins to have recall. After Nikita confirms the location of the Anthrax operatives attack. During the attack, Carl kills Simon while trying to protect Nikita. The shock brings back his memory and he’s about to shoot Nikita but Michael shoots first, killing him.

Back in Section, Madeline and Operations are meeting with George when the man who killed Operations’ son arrives. Operations kills him upon arrival. George unexpectedly thanks him, telling him that no one embezzles Section funds. Madeline had already informed George of that situation, Operations plays along. George says although One was being considered for termination he would keep it open – for now. Operations thanks Madeline.

Nikita, at home, still feeling effects of her conditioning destroys several paintings as Madeline watches remotely.

Simon was played by Val Venis of the WWE.

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