La Femme Nikita Season 3 Episode 11 – Walk on By

Title: Walk on By

Air Date: April 25, 1999

Synopsis: Nikita encounters a recruit from her old life.

Nikita spots a new operative, Jaimy, that she knew in her old life. She tells him that they don’t know each other.

Briefing, Stephanie Grove was abducted this morning and must be extracted or eliminated. Operations orders new recruits to be used on the mission so Jaimy is included. When Jaimy has difficulty determining whether a couple people are innocents or hostiles Nikita leaves her position to assist, they were innocent.

Luckily, Michael didn’t need her help. Jaimy offers Nikita a deal, her mother for her help. Nikita is reluctant since he never was a friend but later goes to see him. He tells her that her mother, Roberta Worth, quit drinking and has been searching for her all these years; even hiring a detective.

Walter asks a friend to check on a woman from his past, and take a few pics, on an upcoming mission.

Michael asks Nikita to meet him on her day off but she tells him she has plans. Nikita finds the detective her mother hired and makes him give up the case.

Madeline intercepts Walter’s photos altering them and attaching a phone number. Walter arranges a meeting and slips when he mentions Section One briefly. Later Madeline and Operations question Beverly, the woman who impersonated Walter’s old girlfriend, they realize he did compromise Section although Beverly tried lying. Operations cancels Beverly but says he owes Walter for Belinda (a former love interest of Walter’s that was cancelled).

Nikita asks Michael for help in dealing with her mother, he poses as a detective to see how much her mother knows. Nikita tells Michael she knows how it must end, her mother must die, but she wants to see her mother again. He reluctantly arranges it. Michael takes Roberta to a hospital to see Nikita on life support. He tells her that Nikita volunteered for top secret medical experiments and is now terminal, giving her mother the choice of freeing her. Her mother apologizes for the past then tells Michael to end it as she leaves.

Nikita meets Madeline the next day and tells her that she did know Jaimy in the past but was not a friend. She runs into Walter and Operations hears him say he doesn’t want to see his old girlfriend again, then goes to thank Michael. Tells him it was the sweetest thing he ever did for her, allowing her mother to live.

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