La Femme Nikita Season 3 Episode 8 – Outside the Box

Title: Outside the Box

Air Date: April 4, 1999

Synopsis: A new operative with a photographic memory is brought in to “remember” the directory of a terrorist organization.

Section One is after the directory of a terrorist organization, but the file is encrypted such that it cannot be copied or downloaded without destroying itself.

Nikita is at a bar, she gets two guys to fight over her then knocks the bigger one out with a bottle. The other man, Kruger, is taken to Section. Kruger has a photographic memory and is needed to memorize the directory since it cannot be copied by any other means.

He is taken to the White Room where he’s shown evidence that he killed the man that Nikita knocked out. Madeline asks him to join Section as his only alternative. Nikita is informed that Kruger is a shadow recruit and will be released after the mission, she later learns that Section intends to keep him and begins to question her own arrival at Section One.

Birkhoff has a new assistant with a crush on him. He reluctantly accepts help from a cocky operative, Gregory, by Operations orders. Gregory sets up Birkhoff’s new assistant to be cancelled for tampering in Birkhoff’s machine. When Birkhoff realizes Gregory was probably behind it, Birkhoff says he’ll kill him if he’s lying.

Nikita asks Walter how to get to her files, questioning why she was framed, but he can’t help her. Nikita uses a computer node without authorization and goes back to the location she was framed at.

Madeline asks Nikita to become Kruger’s trainer. After beginning the training she asks to take him on a live simulation. She uses the time to find the man who helped frame her. He is an operative and agrees to send her some files but she won’t have much time to view them. Nikita has Kruger memorize the sim he supposedly completed.

Michael questions Nikita about her live sim and she tells him what she was really after, he agrees not to interfere but won’t help. Birkhoff and Gregory locate the directory, Nikita and Kruger infiltrate the building. Nikita fights off the guards as Kruger memorizes the file, later reciting it to Section analysts.

Nikita takes Kruger to memorize the files she was supposed to receive but finds that her accomplice has been cancelled. Nikita questions Birkhoff about the operative but learns nothing, he didn’t exist. Operations and Madeline know Nikita is looking for answers.

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