La Femme Nikita Season 3 Episode 9 – Slipping Into Darkness

Title: Slipping Into Darkness

Air Date: April 11, 1999

Synopsis: As Operations’ orders become more and more illogical. Nikita, Walter, and Birkhoff consider mutiny.

Michael accepts a mission from an unknown organization to drug someone.

Back in Section, Operations announces that Oversight wants a quick turn over on the current Shadow Brigade situation. Operations later remarks that the man responsible is in fact Gustav Pog, supposedly dead, not the Shadow Brigade.

Michael calls in Nikita, then talks briefly to Walter. George, from Oversight, brought down Pog when Operations failed and now Operations has apparently become obsessed with Pog still being alive. Later Michael tells Nikita she doesn’t need to understand why Operations is pursuing this idea.

Operatives raid a former safe house only to find no hostiles, Operations cancels an op for failing in the mission. Birkhoff tells Nikita to forget about the incident. Nikita then goes to Madeline, concerned about Operations behavior, and Madeline tells her to leave.

Operations slaps Birkhoff during a discussion; appearing more unstable. Nikita, Walter, Birkhoff, and several other operatives meet secretly to discuss going to Oversight. Nikita approaches Michael about taking out Operations, but he proposes they complete the current mission first. The mission again finds no hostiles, Operations orders Nikita to kill innocents and she refuses, Operations tells Birkhoff that Nikita will be cancelled. Nikita returns and is taken to the room, Michael prevents her from escaping. Madeline interrogates her in the White Room. Asking her about the ‘secret’ meeting, then lets her go. Madeline tells Nikita that they’re aware of Operations condition. That he has been compromised by someone on the inside and then tells her to stay out of site and calm the others down. Nikita complies, telling Birkhoff to delay contacting Oversight, then talks to Michael.

Michael runs into Madeline, she questions him about a time discrepancy in a previous mission. Michael tells her he’ll look into it, then contacts someone to speed up the schedule.

Operations orders a new mission. Michael refuses and confronts Operations asking him to step down. Michael assumes control of Section after having Operations and Madeline escorted away. Michael contacts Philo, "I’m in."

Nikita goes to Michael, whom George put in temporary command. Michael tells her to accompany him to Oversight concerning her promotion to second in command. However, they don’t really go to Oversight but rather to a meeting with Philo, a top person in Red Cell. Nikita now knows it was Michael who compromised Operations and that Operations will die.

Michael shoots Nikita after she refuses to go play along. Red Cell members arrive and agree to take Michael to meet Philo in person. Michael is taken to an airport and meets with Philo in a plane. They discuss their agreement with Michael in charge of Section and Philo helping keep him there.

Nikita crashes thru the gates. Michael and Nikita secure Philo.

Back in Section, Madeline is released and medics are called to treat Operations. The plan to bring out Philo succeeded. Later Nikita tells Michael she’ll have to stop being so predictable that Section can manipulate her in this manner. Operations relieves Michael, then remarks to Madeline that Michael might be his successor.

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