La Femme Nikita Season 3 Episode 12 – Threshold of Pain

Title: Threshold of Pain

Air Date: June 6, 1999

Synopsis: Nikita and two other operatives are kidnapped by a terrorist team.

Walter, while examining a high tech explosive device, accidentally arms it and has to run to a disposal unit after finding the nearby one jammed.

Black March is discussed during a briefing, they’re a freelance group of terrorists led by Greycheck and Caroline. A mission is launched to execute them. While preparing for the mission Nikita and Walter speak briefly about a couple of operatives in love. Walter saying it always ends badly. During the mission the woman is shot and Mark, her boyfriend, goes after her compromising the mission. Nikita and the couple are captured before they can be extracted.

Michael orders Birkhoff to find them; against standard protocol. All three are interrogated, Mark breaks when his girlfriend is tortured giving the location of a Section Substation. The Black March leaders escape just as Section arrives to rescue Nikita and Mark, the woman being killed as Greycheck left.

Nikita urges Mark not to tell Operations, offering to help him. They are debriefed by Madeline, she suspects something is awry. Michael stops by to find Walter feeling guilty about the failed mission since the gun sights were off.

Nikita feeds Birkhoff false intel to delay the follow up mission and goes on a mission of her own after getting guns from Walter. Nikita and Mark go to a dance club undercover, Nikita kills Caroline in the restroom but Mark misses Greycheck.

Upon returning Mark tells Operations that Nikita compromised the Substation, and Nikita is taken to Abeyance. Both Nikita and Mark pass Madeline’s test and both tell her that if she’s as good as she says then she should know who’s telling the truth.

Birkhoff and Walter are interrogated also, Walter deliberately lies. Operations and Madeline discuss the situation, Madeline believes Nikita but not sure, she tells Operations to give Walter a ‘pat on the back’. Michael tells Nikita he’ll bring Greycheck in alive and asks her what she wants him to say – the truth. She questions whether Michael believes her, he replies yes.

Operations stops to see Walter but it doesn’t go well.

Michael interrogates Greycheck to no avail, then asks Operations for a second chance. Greycheck tells the truth after he believes Nikita is executed. Greycheck is taken to Evaluation, to Nikita’s disgust.

Later, Nikita thanks Michael and visits Mark asking him if he really loved the girl. When Nikita runs into Madeline she tells her its wrong that Mark’s dead and Greycheck’s alive. Madeline replies, "He’s not."

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