La Femme Nikita Season 3 Episode 13 – Beyond the Pale

Title: Beyond the Pale

Air Date: June 13, 1999

Synopsis: Michael is passed over for a promotion and is so furious he’s ready to leave Section.

Madeline and Operations are discussing a possible promotion for Michael over lunch. Madeline suggests that Michael will be upset over not getting the promotion to Head Strategist. Operations goes against her advice and gives it to Salman instead.

Michael wakes Nikita and tells her, "We’re getting out."

Briefing, Vincent Thomas of Red Cell is escalating his efforts. Afterward, Michael distracts Walter while Nikita swipes a field router. Enroute to the mission site Michael tells Nikita he doesn’t need her to go, he wants her to. They infiltrate an abandoned location and slip away, after jamming communications, while the rest of the team is in the basement. The team reports them missing when communications are restored.

Salman gets in Walter’s face. Operations has some stern words with the new Head Strategist, stating he knew this would likely happen. Operations and Madeline find Salman painfully interrogating Walter, they disapprove and make him stop.

Michael and Nikita arrive at a farm house, which turns out to be Michael’s. He makes dinner and they share a somewhat intimate evening.

Madeline tells Operations that she suspected Michael of something, then speaks briefly to Walter more-less apologizing for his rough treatment.

Nikita awakes alone to find a note from Michael informing her that he went to town. While in town Michael is captured and taken to Containment. Nikita hides in the house’s basement nearly leaving the router to be discovered, then uses it to mislead the operatives above. Back in Section, Michael is interrogated but refuses to break until Operations tells Salman to use Michael’s son against him.

Finally, Nikita’s location is revealed and Section storms the farm house subduing Nikita. Salman kills two operatives, Nikita realizes he must be Red Cell as he assaults her. Michael arrives and has Salman detained.

Operations and Michael had been working together to get rid of Salman. Michael successfully interrogates Salman. Operations thanks Walter, giving him a treasured souvenir from when he was a POW. Michael and Nikita reminisce briefly.

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