La Femme Nikita Season 3 Episode 14 – Hand to Hand

Title: Hand to Hand

Air Date: June 20, 1999

Synopsis: Nikita goes undercover as a prostitute and gets into more than she expected.

Nikita awakes from a nightmare of herself drowning. In Section, Operations briefs them on Meyer’s execution. Rene, from Oversight is doing an evaluation and Operations sticks close – ultimately having an affair with her.

Nikita and Michael infiltrate Meyer’s talent agency where he prostitutes immigrants and lost girls, Nikita as a girl in search of help and Michael looking for entertainment.

Madeline asks Birkhoff for a file on Rene but Operations froze the file, she warns Operations to be careful.

Nikita tags Meyer and Section begins tracking him. True to her character, Nikita comforts a young girl she’s with realizing there’s more than just prostitution at this ‘talent agency’. The girls fight a champion to the death for an audience.

Michael arrives undercover at Nikita’s location choosing her to accompany him to his room. Michael tells her she’s getting out tonight, but she refuses insisting she help the girls.

Nikita and her new companion question the other girls about what will happen to them, then her new ‘friend’ is taken to the pit and killed.

Back at Section, Madeline tells Rene to leave since she violated protocol. Rene leaves reluctantly.

Nikita is taken to the water filled pit, while Michael watches, Birkhoff warns him not to interfere. They await Meyer’s arrival at the show. Nikita quits before killing the champion, after the other woman gets out, a lid lowers over the pool trapping Nikita. While Nikita is struggling Michael kills Meyer. Nikita fakes drowning, as the cover rises she kills the guards then tells the champion fighter to free the others.

Operations speaks to Madeline about Rene’s departure. Tells her if she feels more than friendship that he’ll make the incident disappear, asks her to meet him later. Nikita speaks to Walter about her future.

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