La Femme Nikita Season 3 Episode 15 – Before I Sleep

Title: Before I Sleep

Air Date: June 27, 1999

Synopsis: Section is after the Alliance and a psychotic courier Baylin is their way in.

Madeline interrogates Baylin concerning Marco Ashe. She tells her they are considering her as an operative and asks her to help lead them to Ashe. She agrees.

Nikita and Michael follow her, Baylin abruptly speeds away then turns and hits their car head on as Nikita and Michael jump clear.

Operations briefs them on Sarah Gerrard, a terminally ill woman that can replace Baylin in appearance. Madeline meets Sarah and convinces her to help, essentially telling her the truth. Sarah meets Nikita and begins her training. Sarah is taken on a live mission to meet a man, she gets scared and begins telling the truth, Michael shoots the man. Nikita debriefs with Madeline, she tells her that Sarah needs more work with men.

Nikita suspects that Section infected Sarah and Michael agrees to help her look. Sarah goes to meet Ashe and lets him seduce her. Mission was a success, though Sarah is disturbed when she learns Ashe was killed.

Michael tells Nikita that Sarah was monitored prior to Baylin’s suicide but that doesn’t mean anything. Nikita confronts Madeline with her idea and Madeline admits it and tells Nikita they have a cure which Sarah can have after she succeeds in her mission to destroy Alliance HQ.

Sarah infiltrates the building and arms the bomb, then sits atop it attempting suicide. Nikita goes in and refuses to leave without her, they both escape the building in time.

Madeline discusses the mission with Operations, she tells him that she had to lie to Nikita. Section didn’t infect Sarah and they have no cure. They decide to take Nikita off the next mission to let her spend time with Sarah, Madeline apparently tells Nikita the truth.

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