La Femme Nikita Season 3 Episode 16 – I Remember Paris

Title: I Remember Paris

Air Date: July 18, 1999

Synopsis: Michael captures a terrorist and brings him back to Section for interrogation, but he escapes in Section.

Boris Tyco, affiliated with Glass Curtain, is brought in for interrogation. He gets loose and nearly kills Madeline on his way out of Containment.

Birkhoff informs Michael that Boris was too new of a recruit to be in possession of a signal tracker, so its unknown why he had one. Operations checks on Madeline and realizes a breech has occurred, Birkhoff gives the signal. Michael makes his way on to the same level as Boris, where he has left a trail of operatives, and orders Birkhoff to seal the level. Michael kills him but not before he makes a transmission.

Tyco’s associates receive a complete, though encrypted, file on Section One as well as coordinates. During a high level briefing among Operations, Madeline, and Michael, Birkhoff informs them that the hostiles have Section One’s location and will have attack capability in about two hours.

Operations orders an evacuation, gives some last minute instructions, then contacts George at Oversight. Birkhoff confirms that Boris was fed to them by Freddy Alan, an arms dealer they’ve used in the past, but couldn’t have worked alone. Michael and Operations are the last to leave a barren Section minutes before its incineration. They speak briefly on the way out, Michael has been in Section for nine years and Operations for 24.

Nick, Nikita’s neighbor informant, comes to visit her and she tells him to disappear for his own good when she gets called in. Nikita and Michael arrive, with a hostile, to a temporary base. The hostile breaks. Operations and Nikita follow up on the info, Nikita posing as an art dealer. However, when she takes too long Operations gets impatient and threatens to kill an assistant. Nikita talks him out of it. They return to the temporary base empty handed.

Nikita gets a call from Nick, he found Freddy Alan. Michael recovers Alan and, given the time constraints interrogates him rather crudely, finds that Harold Sparks is behind the attack. Section destroys Sparks’ compound with him in it. Sparks was believed dead from a previous mission. Operations thanks Nikita for keeping her calm. Section One moves into a new compound. Michael and Nikita have dinner.

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