La Femme Nikita Season 3 Episode 17 – All Good Things

Title: All Good Things

Air Date: July 25, 1999

Synopsis: Operations is called away and Michael is in command of Section One.

Michael and Nikita spent the night together. Nikita questions Michael about what Section will do about their relationship. He says, "We’ll see." Michael briefs with Operations and Madeline. Operations puts him in command while he’s away but cautions him against going after Birgomi.

The first time Michael has been given full command. Madeline questions Michael about who his successor will be, he names Nikita. Madeline cautions him that Wallace is the senior operative. Michael briefs the team on the Odessa profile which is a planned failure against Birgomi. The team returns but Wallace is dead, the team blames Nikita because she would’ve been in Wallace’s place if Michael had not promoted her. After discussing the incident with Birkhoff Nikita suspects that Michael was protecting her.

Madeline informs Michael that Oversight has called a meeting where George will be testing him. Nikita tells Michael that she doesn’t want special treatment, she wants back in the field, then congratulates him. The meeting with Oversight is about inter-Sectional cooperation, Michael introduces an idea that will allow sharing of intel while minimizing risks due to mistrust. George approves of it then speaks privately to Michael about the Odessa mission. He suspected that it was a planned failure, Michael skirts the issue. Then George talks about Madeline and Operations motives for telling Michael not to move on Birgomi, and assures Michael that Oversight will choose when and who replaces Operations.

Meanwhile, Nikita falls asleep in the armory while talking with Walter, he lets her sleep there. Michael puts Nikita in charge of Birgomi and tells her not to discuss it with Madeline, but the info is leaked to her anyhow and she confronts Michael. She tells him to cancel the mission, he disagrees and tells her to get back to work. Section recovers Lamay, a man linked to Birgomi and extracts the location of a disk drive containing information that will bring down Birgomi and his organization.

After the mission Madeline tries to persuade Nikita to talk Michael out of continuing to go after Birgomi, she does try but Michael tells Nikita not to fail him because she’s the only person he trusts in the world.

When the team comes under heavy fire Michael orders Nikita to send men to there deaths. Unable to do that she leaves the van and goes in herself. She successfully recovers the disk drive and orders the withdraw. Michael thanks her upon returning but Nikita is upset over the high losses.

Michael is surprised to find Operations back in Section. He learns that George was impressed with his performance. Operations warns him that if anything happens to George he will be vulnerable. Michael responds that if nothing happens then he’s in a good position to run Section One. Michael relinquishes command and leaves. Madeline admits that Nikita and Michael make a very good team, but all good teams have their weaknesses.

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