La Femme Nikita Season 3 Episode 18 – Third Party Ripoff

Title: Third Party Ripoff

Air Date: August 1, 1999

Synopsis: Madeline wants to stop Michael’s romantic relationship with Nikita.

Michael calls Nikita in early to tell her they should stay together. However, after his actions when put in charge she’s not sure.

Madeline discusses Michael’s relationship to Nikita with Operations. Operations wants to let it go, but Madeline has a different idea.

Velden is selling weapons on the black market and Section wants him alive. Michael and Nikita enter a nightclub undercover to retrieve a file from a man connected with Velden, they succeed but Michael goes against orders to help Nikita. Upon returning from the mission Madeline calls Nikita in, she tells her to make Michael let go.

That night Michael goes to see Nikita at home. He still wants to be together and they spend the night with each other till Section calls them in. Michael’s authority is stripped away. He loses his level-five status and position at Tactical, being assigned to Davenport’s team for the next mission to tag Velden.

Nikita knows Michael is bothered by Section’s actions even though he won’t admit it. She tells Madeline to make it stop, Madeline tells Nikita that she must make Michael stop loving her. On the final Velden mission, McDaniel starts to harass Michael. Michael puts him in his place. Then helps Davenport on the mission and when the profile goes awry Davenport relinquishes command to Michael.

Michael makes it look like a third party ripoff when Velden is meeting a client, then arranges to keep Velden under Section control. After returning to Section, Davenport thanks Michael. After Nikita tells him that it has to end, Michael tells Operations its over. He gets reinstated.

A new Profiler, Valerie, causes some friction between Walter and Birkhoff when she becomes involved with both of them. After she tells Birkhoff that Walter is a loser and she wants to be with him Birkhoff walks away. Walter continues romancing her.

Michael stops by Nikita’s to tell her, "It’s not over. We will be together."

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