La Femme Nikita Season 3 Episode 19 – Any Means Necessary

Title: Any Means Necessary

Air Date: August 8, 1999

Synopsis: Hillinger continues his antics with Birkhoff.

Birkhoff hesitates during a mission, Operations gives his position to Hillinger. The mission is a success but Birkhoff suspects he was setup to look bad. Operations then informs Birkhoff that his next mission will be in the field. He will be the ‘inside man’ in an attempt to take down Crusoe a cult leader and political mercenary that relies on a sophisticated computer network.

Madeline informs Operations that his chance for success is slim. Birkhoff asks Nikita to watch out for him because he suspects Operations wants him dead. Then he immerses himself in the task of hacking the system, he successfully gets in and leaves a trail. Birkhoff is abducted and taken to the cult’s compound. Crusoe tries to recruit him, asking him to help with the security on the computer system.

After getting into the computer files he informs Operations that they are linked to Red Cell and asks when he will be retrieved. Operations orders him to stay with it. Nikita finds out Birkhoff’s return was delayed and asks Hillinger what he knows about it, then threatens him.

Nikita then asks Michael about Birkhoff’s situation and finds that Operations is prepared to leave him there for years. At the compound Birkhoff begins to gain trust. He gets a new room. Then Crusoe asks him how long he worked for Section, Birkhoff lies then tells him four years. Crusoe assumes he left for his own reason and applauds his honesty. He starts to question why he shouldn’t join the cult.

Birkhoff arranges to meet Nikita at an abandoned building she’s familiar with, at Crusoe’s request. Nikita barely escapes the meeting and upon returning to Section, Operations orders Michael to take care of Birkhoff since he’s turned.

Nikita accuses Operations of wanting Birkhoff dead in the first place. Section retrieves Birkhoff. He informs them that he wanted it to seem as though he’d switched sides cause he knew they would come for him, he knew Nikita had a way out of the ambush. Birkhoff taps into the computer system to show Operations and Madeline the data he got them access to. He’s finally re-accepted. Hillinger and Birkhoff are still at each other’s throats.

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