La Femme Nikita Season 3 Episode 20 – Three Eyed Turtle

Title: Three Eyed Turtle

Air Date: August 15, 1999

Synopsis: Hillinger’s goofing off costs an operative his life, and he pleads with Birkhoff. Madeline and Operations make a play against George.

Birkhoff and Hillinger are doing tactical for a mission. The team leader, Victor, is lost when Hillinger gets cocky and endangers the mission. Hillinger tells Birkhoff that Section has new recruits to take his place, so they’ll cancel him, Birkhoff covers for him.

George is upset with Operations and puts Section One on a tight leash, Operations blames Madeline. A man from a Naval Intelligence Group goes rogue, Section attempts to get to him through a mistress. Hillinger is on tactical because Birkhoff is needed on site, Birkhoff objects but can’t tell the truth or he would get himself in trouble.

Section infiltrates the building, Hillinger tries to get Birkhoff killed, mission success. An angry Birkhoff goes straight to Hillinger, then takes the evidence to Operations and tells all realizing that Hillinger lied about the new recruits.

Madeline puts Hillinger in Abeyance. Operations tells Madeline to meet him tonight, he uses her.

George learns of a weak link concerning Operations. Madeline is upset and goes to Operations only to receive the same arrogant treatment. She arranges to meet George and they plan to take care of Operations. George tells Madeline when its over she’ll run the Sections.

Nikita tries to get off Hillinger’s Abeyance mission, Michael says no. She helps Hillinger to make it out alive. Madeline tells Operations he can use her anytime he needs to.

George finds out Operations is working with his ‘enemy’ but decides it is not enough to bring him down. Nikita goes on a second Abeyance mission with Hillinger, she tries to warn him but he apparently dies.

Madeline and Operations set up George, Operations demands his resignation and wants his resources returned. George agrees (but was this part of his plan with Madeline?) Operations meets George again, says there was never anything between he and Madeline.

George calls in Hillinger (he’s alive) who retrieved the files on Adrian. George and Operations have reached an apparent stand still.

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