La Femme Nikita Season 3 Episode 21 – Playing With Fire

Title: Playing With Fire

Air Date: August 22, 1999

Synopsis: Michael and Nikita are setting up rendezvous on Section missions to avoid Operations and Madeline.

Section brings in a man, saves his life, Madeline extracts Crimson Star’s base camp location and then kills him.

Nick, a Section informant, visits Nikita and asks her to play his wife when his mother comes to visit. She agrees.

Operations and Madeline suspect that Nikita and Michael’s relationship might not be over, Madeline informs Operations that she already has them under observation. They are briefed on a mission to eliminate Crimson Star’s base camp. Madeline orders Birkhoff to sweep everyone’s Panel when they return as she suspects unauthorized communication.

Nikita encounters a slight delay with an incorrect entry code but retrieves the target. Then she calls for extraction cause she’s surrounded. Michael reports that she must’ve been taken hostage. He goes after her and requests Section not monitor him for safety concerns. Operations complies.

Nikita and Michael secretly meet. They return with a cover story.

While Nikita is recovering, Birkhoff picks up her Panel. Walter stops by and realizes Birkhoff will find the encrypted messages. Birkhoff questions Walter after examining the Panel, says he’ll have to turn it in.

Michael requests to take a small team to ensure that Crimson Star’s camp was destroyed, Operations considers it. Operations praises Birkhoff for his decision, Birkhoff is concerned about Walter. Madeline calls in Walter telling him that he’s jeopardizing their future; “We have bigger plans for them”. Walter decides to cooperate.

Operations and Madeline wait to see where Nikita and Michael will take the relationship. Operations sends out Nikita and Michael to confirm the previous mission and sends a shadow team behind them. Michael gives Walter another file for the Panels. During the mission Michael requests to go off line, granted.

The shadow team stays at a distance and monitors the actions. Michael and Nikita surprisingly return with the mission target, apparently Walter found a way to warn them. Nick’s mom doesn’t show. Walter forgives Birkhoff and tells him he still knows some tricks.

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