La Femme Nikita Season 3 Episode 22 – On Borrowed Time

Title: On Borrowed Time

Air Date: August 29, 1999

Synopsis: Madeline and Operations continue to scheme to end Michael and Nikita’s relationship.

Nikita is concerned that Section will interfere with her and Michael’s relationship. Operations meets with Madeline to discuss finding evidence of Michael and Nikita’s meetings. They decide to proceed with their plan without substantial evidence on the next mission.

The team is briefed on Genefex; a company tied to Red Cell. Michael and Nikita are sent to investigate then destroy the lab. Operations informs Walter that he is aware that he helped Nikita and Michael again and he’s being sent to Retirement. Walter replies that he’d rather be canceled.

Michael tells Nikita that Section is up to something as they depart. They go undercover at Genefex. Michael quickly finds the substance Section wanted and tells Birkhoff that he’ll need 10 hours to work out a profile. Then Michael requests to go dark for 10 minutes.

Back at Section, Walter is considering suicide. Two men take him away as Birkhoff watches and promises to help. Birkhoff goes to Operations asking him to delay anything drastic for a few days. Operations agrees.

During his dark time Michael retrieves the substance without Section’s knowledge. Meanwhile Nikita transmits a file to Section. The two meet.

Birkhoff sets up Walter’s replacement to have an accident.

Nikita’s profile gets changed. While Michael is supposedly retrieving that substance, Nikita is sent on a task that leads her to Madeline. Madeline informs her that she’s about to be modified, she’ll no longer desire Michael. Michael realizes that there are operatives at Genefex, and knows Nikita is in danger.

He finds Nikita alone and appearing normal. She tells him that Section delayed the destruction of the lab. They return to Section One.

Operations informs them that the mission has been modified and they must return to get Ramone Khasha and then destroy the lab. Madeline believes the treatment worked on Nikita and they plan to see if Nikita is willing to kill Michael. Khasha is abducted, mission success. Michael is the last one out, he gets delayed and Section orders Nikita to detonate. Section knows Michael has time to clear the building but Nikita doesn’t, she hesitates briefly before following the order.

Walter is back in Section but Retirement was not as expected; like a vacation. Birkhoff suspects it was some sort of test. Michael goes to Nikita’s house, she’s painting, and tries to be affectionate. He suspects Section did something to her, and after several attempts, finally grabs her arm and asks what they did. She replies, "Nothing." Then with a sad look, "I don’t know. Don’t remember. I don’t love you anymore." Michael is devastated, after a brief pause he walks out. "I won’t let them do this."

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