La Femme Nikita Season 4 Episode 1 – Getting Out of Reverse

Title: Getting Out of Reverse

Air Date: January 9, 2000

Synopsis: Nikita has been molded into the perfect operative. Meanwhile Michael searches for a way to get the old Nikita back.

At the end of last season, On Borrowed Time, Nikita was subjected to some form of mind control experiment. Michael suspected Section did something and when he asked her, she replied, "Nothing," then with a sad look, "I don’t know. Don’t remember. I don’t love you anymore." Michael is devastated, after a brief pause he walks out. "I won’t let them do this."

Madeline and Operations want to test that Nikita is no longer capable of forming emotional bonds. Nikita and Michael are sparring, she seems more aggressive, after taking Michael down she says, "They’re watching us." "I know." Later, Nikita is working out at home when Michael calls her in. At the same time her neighbor, Mick, sneaks in to borrow a cup of sugar. Nikita pins him to the floor, gun in hand, questions where he got the key. After he confesses to having made a copy when she asked him to water her plants she lets him up. Back in Section, Michael approaches Walter and asks him to talk to Nikita – see if she’s different. Briefing, Operations states that a remote team in Latvia was wiped out except for Irina Kerensky, a level four operative. She must be retrieved or eliminated to protect the information she knows.

A gold taxi pulls up in front of an embassy building, Nikita secretly drops through the floor of the cab and enters a manhole, while the driver converses with a guard. Nikita runs through a corridor and enters the embassy through a basement vent, Michael is monitoring the mission from a van. Nikita cuts through the vent grate, changes into a military uniform, then efficiently takes out three hostiles before proceeding into the next room. Nikita finds Kerensky, the captured operative, behind bullet proof glass – and reports such to Section. Operations asks for her recommendation. Without barely a moments hesitation Nikita replies, "incinerate." Madeline and Operations discuss the consequences of this action and question if Nikita will do it. They tell Nikita to proceed. Nikita arms an explosive, 30 seconds. Michael tells her there are children on the premises. "I hear you Michael, 25 seconds." Michael activates the fire alarm causing the children and most of the occupants to evacuate before the explosion. Nikita calmly walks away from the embassy.

Back at Section, Michael tries to find info about Nikita on the computer, but nothing is available. He meets Nikita on her way home, "I want some answers." He tells her that 16 people died in the embassy. She replies, "I had no choice, they’re watching me. I knew you’d activate the alarm." She continues", they tried to reprogram me. It started on the Genefex mission – tried to strip me of my humanity." "Why didn’t you let me help you?" "Too much surveillance." Michael recorded the encounter and asks Birkhoff to analyze the eye movement. Birkhoff is reluctant but agrees since its for Nikita. Operations gets off the phone with George, "I could do so much more with George out of the way." Madeline returns, "We tried, for now we have to comply." Nikita enters and they commend her performance on the mission, then Madeline speaks with her about acting with more emotion – starting with Walter. Nikita stops and talks to Walter briefly, but she seems unfamiliar with him. He accepts her act and reports to Michael that she’s the same old Nikita. Birkhoff passes his analysis to Michael, Nikita appears to have been subjected to Neural Engineering. A project headed by Dr. Gelman…look for someone close to her, it requires maintenance. Michael rushes to Nikita’s apartment, finding Mick there he knocks him down. Then questions him about Nikita. Mick reveals that he’s to sprinkle a chemical on the floor and he received the order anonymously. Michael leaves with the vial. Michael meets Birkhoff and finds that four missions to retrieve Gelman failed – he must have taken technology with him. Michael requests a special transmitter from Walter, and gets it. Operations and Madeline speak about Nikita. Operations is pleased with her performance but Madeline reminds him that the first subject was in a controlled environment. This time there are variables we can’t control. But Operations remains confident about Nikita.

Mission. The operatives converge on the target and a shoot out erupts. The target flees and Michael pursues him, he knocks the man out and throws him in a closet before reporting to Birkhoff that the target escaped and he’s pursuing. Birkhoff gives him one hour, Nikita saw what really happened. Michael meets with Gelman, a sniper is assembling a rifle on a roof top, Michael finds out the mind control is reversible and the process is in Section’s lab computer with the original test subject. Michael questions who it was. "If I tell you, you’re a dead man." Michael insists and Gelman whispers in his ear. "So that’s why you left Section." Sniper takes out Gelman, Michael departs. The team returns to Section and Nikita reports to Operations and Madeline what really happened. And with Madeline’s prompting states that the reason Michael is doing it is because he loves her. Operations and Madeline see their opportunity to use Nikita to remove Michael, and get permission from Oversight. Several operatives converge on Michael’s office to carry out the cancellation instructions, however they fire into a hologram rather than Michael. "Sir, we have a problem." Michael watches Nikita as she walks down the street.

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