La Femme Nikita Season 4 Episode 2 – There Are No Missions

Title: There Are No Missions

Air Date: January 9, 2000

Synopsis: Nikita begins having some flashbacks of the mind control procedure. Michael has gone rogue and infiltrates Section One while Operations and Madeline are going all out to cancel him.

Nikita is having flashbacks of being subjected to the mind control, her memory is interrupted when she’s ordered to report to Operations. Operations and Madeline tell Nikita that Michael has gone rogue and want her to cancel him. Nikita simply replies, "No problem." then turns and walks out. Operations is pleased with her obedience. Madeline introduces a new recruit, Dori, to Birkhoff. Birkhoff isn’t thrilled but begins to test her ability. Dori seems not to care saying she doesn’t plan to be in Section long.

Michael surprises Nikita in a clothing store changing room. "They knew you’d contact me, want me to ring in." As she speaks to Michael she reaches into her jacket trying to get her gun. He keeps her away from it and asks her to get something for him from Section. She agrees and he makes a quick exit. Nikita hurriedly throws on her coat and rushes into the street with gun drawn but can’t see Michael. He watched her departure from behind a curtain, confirming his suspicions.

Nikita reports to Section. "He’s testing you, the capture card is useless without additional hardware," Operations informs her. They tell her to give him the card to build confidence and carry out the cancellation orders. Nikita leaves it in the location Michael specified. Madeline is looking at the Gelman file and asks Birkhoff to check something, they realize Michael’s on and she has Birkhoff trace it. He reports that Michael is mobile and gives coordinates – Madeline sends out six teams with Nikita on point. A car chase ensues and ends with Nikita firing several rounds into the car, then opens the door to find it empty – except for a device faking his thermal signature. Michael was controlling the car from nearby. Operations and Madeline realize it was a ruse so Michael could get at Gelman’s file. Madeline orders the teams to return assuming Michael is long gone. However, Michael sneaks a ride under one of the trucks and infiltrates Section.

The team returns, followed by Michael. Madeline reassures a frustrated Operations that Gelman’s program can’t be accessed from outside. Operations replies grimly, "We can take all the precautions in the world, but this is Michael we’re dealing with." Meanwhile, Michael rappels down a wall inside Section and accesses a panel. In Comm, Dori suspects there’s an exit on level 20. Birkhoff tells her to forget it cause the elevator is voice activated, then offers to introduce her to Walter. "Who’s he." "The man that’ll issue you a gun and single bullet – that’s the only way out." Nikita is caught in another flashback with a request to report to tactical. On her way Michael disarms her and confronts her, "You were going to kill me…the order has been given, there’s no reason to hesitate." He hands her the gun then walks away. She fires, but Michael has removed the clip. Nikita tosses the useless gun back to him, "You don’t belong here anymore." Michael knocks her out and takes her access card.

Michael enters the Cryogenics Lab, takes out an operative and accesses a computer to find that Gelman wasn’t lying – Adrian ‘the Mother of Section One’ was the first subject. In Comm, Dori records Operations voice when he gives Birkhoff a task to do. Birkhoff goes to check out some random signals and Michael meets him in a hallway, "I need you to get control of grid 17." After telling Birkhoff that Adrian is in the lab and was the first of Gelman’s subjects he gets his cooperation. Then continues, "They’ll use the process on all of us, Nikita was just the beginning." Davenport finds Nikita tied up, she reports Michael’s on the inside. Operations and Madeline speak briefly to Nikita, then realize Michael must have comeback for Adrian. Meanwhile Michael has taken out the techs in the cryo lab and begun to wheel out Adrian. Operations orders Birkhoff to check 17 – he lies, "No hotspots." Birkhoff can’t stall any longer and reports a breach in the membrane. Operations questions if it was Michael, calls for a report from 17. "The subject is gone, sir."

Operations reprimands the senior operatives for their failure. Then tells Madeline that keeping Adrian alive was a mistake. Michael and Adrian arrive at a motel, Mick is waiting with weapons and equipment that Michael requested. Michael sends Mick to Nikita’s apartment to retrieve a tracking module. Nikita reluctantly lets Mick in then catches him snooping and decides he’s working for Michael. She forces Mick to take her to Michael. Back in Section, Dori gains access to level 20 and walks out on a roof top overlooking the city. Then the image blinks out and Dori turns to see Madeline. Later, a calmer Dori returns to Comm. Operations recalls all missions. Madeline assures Operations that Adrian is a vegetable and she has already begun altering files to make it appear that Michael has been holding Adrian. Back at the motel, Nikita and Mick burst into the room to find Adrian awake and sitting. Mick realizes Michael used him to lead Nikita here. Michael hands Nikita a disk, "Tell them Adrian is alive and aware. It’s over."

Back in Section, Operations and Madeline watch the message. Adrian addresses them both and remarks, "The next few days will be trying as you try to anticipate our next move." Michael and Adrian are shown driving. "When can you tell me who these people are?"

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