La Femme Nikita Season 4 Episode 3 – View of The Garden

Title: View of The Garden

Air Date: January 16, 2000

Synopsis: Michael and Adrian begin making some moves to help Nikita.

Madeline and Operations analyze the message from Adrian, and decide that Adrian’s mind is still blank. It was staged by Michael. At Michael’s hideout, Adrian questions Michael about who they are. She suspects they are spies and he fills in some gaps then tells her, "There’s a powerful man who can help us, if he knows you’re alive. But we need to contact him." After a brief pause she asks, "Is his name George?"

Section One. Operations warns Walter not to help Michael. Nikita is undergoing ocular therapy as part of her maintenance. Michael contacts Walter on a secure channel, gives him some instructions, and a cold warning – "Don’t disappoint me."

Walter meets Birkhoff and asks, "Who’d you rather be killed by Operations or Michael…when that’s the only choice you got. Michael needs our help to help Nikita." Birkhoff is confused and reluctant but agrees, wanting the old Nikita back. Michael tells Adrian about Nikita and asks for her help. He’s hopeful that more memories will follow but she remains blank. Michael begins setting up for the transmission to Section.

Back in Section, Operations receives a message that George has arrived by a priority directive originating from Section One. Operations and Madeline suspect Michael is behind it but don’t know why. They meet George in Committee and tell him that the problem is resolved but they couldn’t recall the directive. Operations admits to over-reacting and apologizes. George accepts the deception and leaves accompanied by Operations. Birkhoff relays Michael’s transmission of Adrian to the monitors but Operations distracts George, going so far as to shoot a connection blanking-out a screen as George is about to see Adrian.

Michael and Adrian realize their transmission didn’t get through. Adrian begins experiencing painful spasms. Moments later Michael’s proximity alarm goes off and he takes out three operatives that enter the building. "Section must have traced the signal," he tells Adrian. After observing the operative briefly, Michael levels his gun on Adrian. "You’re lying. You remember everything. You have three seconds to confirm."

Adrian gives in, "The operatives are mine, not Section’s…how did you know?". He informs her that Section stopped using the guns that her men carried. She continues, "I don’t like partners." "You have one." Then Adrian explains how she resisted the mind control thru discipline. Warns him it is not a complete recovery, and cutting off the maintenance is physically demanding even life threatening. Finally she agrees to help Nikita if he finds a way for her to see George.

Section One. Madeline and Operations suspect Michael is setting a trap and try to outwit him. They send Nikita and a team all disguised as her. Michael kills the impersonators, at Adrian’s prompting, till he faces only the real Nikita. He disarms Nikita and they fight around the room until he chokes her out and takes her to his hidden location. Michael tries getting through to Nikita. "I’m stronger now…better." she replies, then ignores him as he tries to remind her of the love they once shared. Later, Adrian speaks to her then tells Michael they went further with Nikita.

Back in Section, with no alternative left, Operations and Madeline plan to assassinate George. Suspecting Operations next move, Adrian and Michael conspire to save George. Adrian’s condition is deteriorating – she reminds Michael if her memory doesn’t hold he has no witness. "I’ll deal with it."

George is in the middle of a field about to depart on a helicopter when a masked Michael kills several guards and then holds George at gun point. Michael’s hired men run on to the field, and take George’s place on the helicopter. George questions Michael, "If you wanted me dead, I’d be dead. So why?" But Michael remains silent. Together, they watch as the helicopter is reduced to flaming debris. "You saved my life…but don’t want me to recognize your voice." he states in understanding. Michael backs away leaving George in thought.

Back at Section One, Operations is pouring champagne into two glasses when Madeline enters quietly. "The preliminary reports were mistaken. George is alive." Operations realizes they’ll never get to him before Michael. Michael returns, finding Adrian passed out, he revives her to find her memory is gone. Michael takes her to a secluded retreat and leaves her in the care of a man. He pays the man well and explains how to contact him if the need arises. "I’ve taken great pains to ensure no one knows she’s here. I expect you to do the same." The man seems a little shaken but reassures Michael. "If you fail, I’ll kill you."

Section One. A deadly silence falls over Section as everyone stops and all eyes turn to the couple entering the room. Michael walks into the center of the room supporting a groggy Nikita, Operations meets him. Michael simply replies, "I’m back." The two stare at each other for a tense moment. A short time later Michael lays down his demands, assuring them that he’ll take Adrian to George if they don’t comply. Operations and Madeline agree to keep Nikita alive, continuing the maintenance of the Gelman process, and return Michael to his previous status. Operations says he’ll prepare a profile for his next mission. Michael walks out and longingly watches Nikita receiving her ocular therapy, then slowly disappears down the hall.

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