La Femme Nikita Season 4 Episode 5 – Man In The Middle

Title: Man In The Middle

Air Date: February 20, 2000

Synopsis: Operations and Madeline discuss Nikita and Michael’s current relationship and plot to break them up.

LFN skipped several weeks between the premiere arc and this episode.

Madeline and Operations discuss new evidence that Nikita’s Gelman Process has been reversed by Michael. Operations hesitates to reinstate Michael’s cancellation since he still holds Adrian. Then Madeline states, "As long as he has Adrian he has Nikita." Madeline then discusses a plan with Operations that may help their situation.

Operations briefs the team on Helmut Volker, a partying son of a multimillionaire arms manufacturer. He has ties to Red Cell and Section suspects that he plans to transfer a large number of high-tech weaponry to Red Cell. Michael and Nikita are to take the place of a heroin-dealing couple and infiltrate Helmut’s files. Michael and Nikita pose as a couple on a date, while waiting for the heroin dealers. Michael asks Nikita to move in with him, Section will overlook it since he has Adrian he assures her. She replies, "I’ll think about it." They abduct the couple with little trouble and, assuming their identities, soon gain entry to Helmut’s mansion to close a deal. A party is in full swing as they enter and are shown to Helmut’s office. He shows an interest in both of them and invites them to stay overnight and meet him on the shooting range in the morning. That night, Helmut lures Nikita from Michael’s bed – Michael pretends not to notice. Helmut gives Nikita a heroin while attempting to seduce her. However, Michael soon interrupts them.
"Drugs are the only thing for sale."
Helmut apologizes, and receives a threat in return.

They meet on the shooting range, using a rocket launcher. Michael nonchalantly takes out the target without looking after Helmut misses. Later, after closing the heroin deal, Helmut makes another pass at Michael. Then invites him to brunch. Michael obliges him and keeps him distracted by gently but firmly rejecting him, while Nikita breaks into Helmut’s safe and photographs the documents relating to Red Cell. Helmut leaves the brunch party to look for Nikita, finally finding her in his office she quickly lies about her reason for being there. Helmut tells Nikita of the stipulation in his father’s will that he must be married and settled or he doesn’t get anything. Madeline and Operations are monitoring as Helmut proposes marriage to Nikita, and look pleased. Back at Section, Operations informs Michael of the new mission objectives. Nikita is to marry Helmut to keep him as a source of intelligence against Red Cell. Walter suspects that Madeline and Operations set it up to happen, and tells Birkhoff his thoughts. Then he says goodbye to Nikita, nearly in tears. "I’ll be back." Nikita replies and walks out and to a chapel to talk to Michael. He tries to comfort her in his own way, then assures her they’ll find a way to stop it.

Nikita meets Helmut and agrees to marry him. Meanwhile, Michael questions Birkhoff about breaking the code on Helmut’s cell phone. Then retrieves the necessary device from Walter, telling him to think of an excuse to log. Nikita walks out of her empty apartment and runs into Michael. He gives her the device and his instructions – if Helmut’s deal with Red Cell fails then the marriage is useless. They share a kiss before she leaves to meet with Helmut. Madeline and Operations realize Michael must be planning to sabotage the Red Cell / Helmut transaction, after finding the discrepancy in Walter’s log, and call Davenport into a briefing. Nikita uses the device to decipher the code on Helmut’s cell while he’s bathing and transmits the result to Michael moments before Helmut walks into the room. A short time later, Michael intercepts a call to Helmut from a Red Cell contact. Michael places a bomb on the truck as it passes through a gate, then waits. The transfer is complete and Helmut leaves to return to Nikita, Davenport posed as part of the loading crew and now deactivates the bomb – unknown to Michael. The truck departs and Michael realizes Section must’ve foiled his plan. He watches Nikita’s plane depart before returning to a lecture in obedience from Operations. Scenes from the wedding…Nikita is married.

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