La Femme Nikita Season 4 Episode 6 – Love, Honor, and Cherish

Title: Love, Honor, and Cherish

Air Date: February 27, 2000

Synopsis: At the end of the last episode Nikita was married. Michael is not happy about her assignment. Nikita’s new husband may not be the criminal Section believed him to be.

Michael arrives to watch Nikita’s plane take off before returning to Section One. He speaks to Birkhoff to set up a link so he can see Nikita. Nikita (Anna persona fading) and Helmut arrive at his father’s house. Section, Birkhoff turns to Michael "You sure you wanna see this? Michael?" He disappeared.

Operations briefs the team on the mission status. Nikita and Helmut greet his father and brother, his father’s dislike is very apparent. Nikita goes on a tour with Helmut’s brother but plants a bug before leaving. Birkhoff traces the call that Helmut makes but can’t get a lock. Operations warns Michael not to interfere with Nikita’s assignment.

Nikita questions Helmut’s change in diet, referring to his lack of drugs. He replies that what he does for appearances doesn’t affect what he does in private. As Nikita heads up the stairs, Helmut gets attacked by two intruders apparently attempting to capture him. Volker displays some nice martial arts in taking out both intruders. Nikita watches, startled, then asks, "Who are you?" Later, Helmut enters the room and admits to Nikita that he works for Interpol and plays the rich kid living wild to protect his father and brother. Section monitors the conversation and begins checking his story. Helmut continues, "My superiors found you useful…and ordered me to go through with the marriage." Nikita plays angry but begins to realize that Helmut shares her ideas and is under strict orders just as she is. Nikita contacts Section and Operations confirms the story and orders her to maintain the assignment. Birkhoff reveals Red Cell behind the kidnapping attempt. Michael interrogates a captured Red Cell member and discovers Helmut’s brother was behind the attempt.

Next morning, Nikita awakes and plays the good wife while pulling information from Helmut. Davenport poses as a driver for Helmut’s brother to carry out Section’s plans. Michael appears in Nikita’s room, she remains distant rather than run to him, while he informs her that Helmut’s brother was in private contract with Red Cell and has been dealt with. That night after Helmut enters a building for his meeting two men start to follow him. Nikita quickly kills them both and calls housekeeping. Helmut returns home to find Nikita waiting, he gets the news of his brother’s death and is stricken with grief. The following day Helmut tries to console his father but is rejected. And that evening Nikita comforts Helmut, "We live with ourselves and we die with ourselves and the choices we make. What other people think…doesn’t matter." They speak for a while. "Freddy (Michael) loved you, something in the way he looked at you." Helmut is contacted, Red Cell is ready to hit the Hague. Operations contacts an operative in Interpol, and Helmut is called off the assignment. Helmut is dumbfounded by the order to let Red Cell take that many innocent lives. "The greater good they said." snaps Helmut. Nikita tries to help him rationalize it, much as Section would. But neither of them can stand back and watch – and she knows it.

Helmut gives Nikita instructions and the paperwork to assure her safety. She assures him she understands, he believes her though he has no idea how much she understands. Helmut sneaks into the Hague, he subdues a guard and takes his uniform then begins scanning for a bomb. Back at Section, Michael tells Birkhoff to contact Nikita. He apparently discovers she’s on the move and walks away. Section storms Helmut’s house and find it empty. Operations activates a second team at the Hague. Moments later Birkhoff receives, "We’ve acquired the target." from an operative. They fire at Helmut as he’s trying to disarm the bomb. Suddenly, Nikita appears in black battle dress and kills the team then pulls off her mask. "Who are you?" Helmut asks in amazement. Then he informs her the manual override has been disabled. So he begins the delicate operation of dismantling it. Nikita stands confidently by until he successfully disarms it, then walks around and puts a finishing shot into each of the operatives. She returns the act of giving him instructions and the help to escape. But warns him Section will be looking for him. Nikita then instructs him to shoot her, "…upper arm, shoulder. Do it." and calmly waits. He hesitates and she continues, "If you care you’ll do it, its the only way." Helmut shoots then comes near her, "Just go!" she commands. He starts down the hallway as Michael rounds the corner aiming at Helmut. "Michael, no." He stops and slowly lowers the gun.

Back at Section One, Walter tells Operations that the bullet in Nikita came from an Interpol weapon. "If you ask me, he shot her." Operations briefs the team on a new mission. Nikita and Michael pause as they’re leaving the conference. She thanks Michael, "He was a good man." "Good men are hard to find." Michael replies. "Yes, they are." as she walks away.

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