La Femme Nikita Season 4 Episode 8 – No One Lives Forever

Title: No One Lives Forever

Air Date: March 12, 2000

Synopsis: George has Nikita released from Section One on a special pilot program. But what does he want in return?

Operations and Madeline tell Nikita she’s being released from Section One in a special pilot program. Nikita’s disbelief gives way to suspicion as Madeline and Operations lay down the rules. "No contact with your former life, or your Section life. You’ll be monitored and interviewed monthly." Operations informs her that Michael is on a mission so hasn’t heard the news yet.

After Nikita leaves the perch, Madeline and Operations discuss why George authorized Nikita’s release but to no avail. Nikita says goodbye to Birkhoff and Walter. She tells them her suspicions that Operations is setting her up. Walter encourages her to forget about it or she won’t survive on the outside. Nikita sadly packs up her apartment to move. Michael stops, "I came to say Good Bye." Nikita and Michael share an intimate evening together.

Scenes of Nikita’s life in the outside flash by as we hear Madeline and Operations talking…"It’s been six weeks." Madeline states. "Will she make it on the outside?" "If we decide we want her to." More time elapses. Nikita gets a job at a small shop and meets a guy that she starts dating. She is still paranoid though. Her Section monitor arrives and tells her to get on with her life. But Nikita refuses to believe Section will let her go that easily.

Section One, Operations returns from Oversight and tells Madeline that George gave no indication of his motives. Madeline reminds Operations not to let it distract him. "George wants a war." Madeline asks, "Are you prepared to fight?" "To the death."

Nikita returns from a date to find George in her apartment. He begins questioning her about a flower she has, then tells her to sit down and informs Nikita that she has him to thank for her release. Then tells her that she must do something for him or go back to Section One. "What is it?" "I want you to kill Operations." George coldly states. "Operations has become a liability…" Then he continues to tell her a story of how Operations killed her father, got her mother hooked on drugs, and recruited her as a trophy. "A trophy to show his willingness to do whatever it takes."
"I don’t believe you."
"Will you do this for me? For your freedom, your family. You have two days to decide."
"I’ll need to get back into Section."
"You’ll figure it out, or I’ll put you back in for good." Then he tells her to put the flower in the window if she accepts the mission.

Nikita quits her job the following day and cancels a date with her new boyfriend. Madeline and Operations question her actions, Madeline assumes she’s just having trouble integrating. Nikita leaves a message for Michael to tune into 89.7MHz then sets up a meeting time. Madeline and Operations listen to the communication and Operations plans to bring in Nikita. Next day, Nikita approaches the meeting place but gets captured by Section operatives. The scene changes to show the flower sitting in the window (Nikita found her way back in; using Michael for a change).

Birkhoff and Walter sadly watch Nikita return. Operations meets her in the White Room and after realizing she won’t talk to him, "Level 1 Probationary Status is in effect – limited access, in house quarters, weapons issued at my order only…Welcome home Nikita." Madeline warns Operations that she came back for a reason but Operations believes it was for Michael. Birkhoff and Walter visit Nikita and ask why she broke the rules. She replies that she needed to see Michael. "This place. You think you hate it. Then you get used to it. Spend enough time here, you depend on it." Michael enters as Birkhoff and Walter leave. Nikita asks how they found out. "Operations had you shadowed."
"Did they question you?"
"I didn’t have any answers."
"I don’t want to be free if I can’t be with you." replies Nikita.

Nikita makes a secure communication to George. He tells her to lift the mattress and she finds a gun. She asks who’s on the inside and suspects Michael but George won’t give anymore information. George tells her to stay on standby until he positions Operations. Nikita surprises Michael in his office. She shows him the gun and accuses him of being part of the plan, but Michael replies with his silent stare. A short time later, George calls and sends Operations to a remote part of Section on an errand. Then sends Nikita after him. Nikita lines up the shot but Madeline interrupts her, "We need to talk." Nikita reports to her office where Madeline questions her motive for returning to Section. Nikita lies. Madeline can see the gun on an infrared-style scanner beside her but says nothing – just tells Nikita to stay in her quarters until contacted. Nikita reports the failed attempt to George and he tells her she’s on her own, but someone is there to protect her.

Madeline questions Michael and voices her suspicion that he and George are using Nikita to kill Operations. "Why would I do that?" Madeline responds, "You’ll inherit his post." "My time will come." "But the question is, when?"

Nikita knocks out the two guards at her door and makes her way to Operations perch. Madeline discovers Nikita’s missing from her room and tries to call Operations just as Nikita enters. "Don’t pick it up." as she levels her gun on him. Madeline arrives and tells her to stand down then continues telling her to think about her time in Section. "All theses years on unrestricted access to Operations. Senior operatives don’t have that. Everything you’ve done? Protocols broken. Why do you think you’re still alive?" Operations listens with interest but makes no move as Nikita steps closer to him. "I was a good operative."
"Then there’s Michael. Operations tolerates the relationship despite what you may think. He accepts you two because he knows one day Michael will take over Section and his daughter will be insulated. He’s your father."
As tears form, "Are you my father?"
"You know I can’t answer that." actually appearing somewhat emotional. Nikita stare at him with gun unwavering. But she slowly lowers the gun and sets it down before leaving.

Operations looks at Madeline, "It all makes sense now." He calls George and tells him,"…nice try." Operations meets George, and views a dead clone of George that impersonated him. "I trust everything can be accounted for, George."
"Yes, except I don’t understand how he got a gun to Nikita…"
They agree someone must be on the inside but neither knows who. Madeline returns Nikita to Level 2 status, "You were only following orders."
"Is Operations my father?"
Madeline looks sad, but remains silent.

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