La Femme Nikita Season 4 Episode 10 – He Came From Four

Title: He Came From Four

Air Date: April 2, 2000

Synopsis: Red Cell has possession of a Section One command clone and George sends in a special operative to assist. An young boy with special abilities.

Nikita meets Mick at a strip club about intel concerning Section’s missing Command Clone. Mick wants a meeting with Operations but gives in and starts to tell Nikita as several gun men walk in. Nikita takes out a couple of them. She tosses Mick a gun, but he shoots himself in the foot then stumbles out a door. Nikita goes after him. Mick finds himself facing a half naked woman aiming a gun at him. Nikita shoots her.

Section One. Madeline and Operations discuss George’s interest in the C Clone. Realizing that they may be canceled once it is retrieved. Operations briefs the team. Red Cell is holding the C Clone. As they arrive at the location a delivery man makes a brief stop delaying Michael’s team. Michael enters to find a room full of corpses and no C Clone.

Back at Section, George tells Operations he’s sending in someone from Section Four to lead the search. Madeline and Operations await his arrival. A ten year old pale-skinned boy walks in. "I’m Jerome, from Section Four." They hide their surprise rather well. Madeline is confident she can control him.

Tactical – Walter, Birkhoff, Michael, and Nikita are all discussing Jerome’s arrival. Apparently he’s an experimental telekinetic. Later, Birkhoff tells Nikita that they create someone like Jerome by isolating them from emotional and physical contact; so they’re all brain. The lights pulse as Jerome walks into Tactical. Everyone stays quiet after Operations briefs them. Madeline pushes Jerome as he is examining some evidence. Michael and Nikita watch from outside. Jerome gets mad and gives Madeline a glare that drives her against the opposite wall. Michael steps in to interrupt. Madeline wipes blood from her nose as she exits the room. Jerome gives the name Simmons.

Madeline finds Jerome in her office. "I’m sorry about your sister." "Get out." replies Madeline coldly. Birkhoff runs Simmons through the computer at Operations order and reports that Simmons is dead. Operations tells Nikita to take Jerome back to the evidence room but Jerome gets mad. He stares at Operations, Nikita moves to interrupt whatever is happening and the windows in the perch burst.

Operations meets Mick in the White Room. Mick tells him a different name. Michael brings the man in and Madeline begins interrogation. Jerome waits outside the room, he tells Walter that Madeline will fail. Then he steps inside, "May I try? He will die before telling you." Madeline asks, "Have you ever seen a man die." "No, but I’d like to experience the emotion." "I suggest you leave." "You don’t have the authority." Madeline continues to push him. Asking him if he’s ever known what it was like to be a child. Jerome kills the captive as he rips the intel from the man’s mind.

Briefing, a new organization attacked Red Cell and now have the C Clone. Operations orders Michael and Nikita to take Jerome on the mission. Operations finds Jerome in his office. "I know what you’re afraid of." says Jerome as he departs. Enroute to the target location Jerome jumps out of the truck when he hears children. He runs on to a playground, after another boy makes him mad he starts to hurt the other boy. Nikita stops Jerome. Then Michael walks up and tells him to get back to work. "Is this how you treated your son?" Michael simply scoops Jerome over a shoulder and drops him back in the truck. Jerome causes the driver to wreck.

Back at Section. Nikita is hurt and lying in bed. Michael walks in, tells her he’s leaving to retrieve the C Clone. Nikita asks, "Operations doesn’t really want you to find it does he? …means he’s on the endangered species list." Michael replies, "The C Clone needs a human counterpart." "Something you could fill." "Get some rest."

Madeline scolds Jerome for his actions and leaves him restrained in the White Room.

Michael returns the Command Clone to Operations. Jerome causes one of his guards to kill his partner then release him. Jerome takes over Section’s mainframe. Birkhoff reports that he’s on his way to Tactical. Jerome glares at Operations. Then tosses him through the air. Madeline screams and runs to Operations side, Walter makes a move towards him but gets turned back by Jerome. Jerome retains his hold on Operations, slowly killing him. Nikita talks Jerome into letting go; he does after a few moments.

Later, Jerome’s contact arrives to escort him back to Section Four. Madeline reports to Operations, the C Clone disc is blank. They go to confront Jerome. Jerome smiles, "There never was a C Clone test. I was the test…Until we meet again." Jerome climbs into a little cubical and is wheeled away. He looks back, suddenly, as he goes through the door.

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