La Femme Nikita Season 4 Episode 12 – Hell Hath No Fury

Title: Hell Hath No Fury

Air Date: April 23, 2000

Synopsis: Madeline is obsessed with breaking Leon, her counterpart from Red Cell. Meanwhile Birkhoff is still troubled over the discovery of his twin brother.

A group of captives are brought in past Madeline and Operations. She instructs the operatives to place everyone in a holding area including a dead guy. Madeline speaks to Operations briefly and appears to be on a lone mission to find her Red Cell counterpart. Madeline enters the holding area momentarily and is approached by a man claiming to be Leon, the man she’s after. After a moment she kills him. Madeline informs Operations that the man deliberately lied, thus proving that Leon is in the room. Operations enters Madeline’s office and finds her scrutinizing a large stack of photos. He proposes she take a break. Madeline claims she found Leon, pointing out the mannerisms of the people in the room and how they all acknowledged a specific man as superior. Operations begins to question her objectivity saying she’s obsessed and tells her she must wait till the get confirmation.

Briefing. Operations asks Birkhoff for a background and catches Seymour distracted. He’s still upset about his twin brother running free. Birkhoff comes back on track after a stern glare. The mission is to intercept a gene-coded message intended for Leon which will be compared to the suspects gene-code. Nikita questions Michael about the true nature of the mission. Curious as to why Operations is second guessing Madeline. Nikita realizes that Madeline has a personal interest in Leon.

Michael returns with the gene-coded message. Madeline enters the white room and begins a dialogue with the man she believes is Leon. She informs him that she’s sure of his identity but her superiors need confirmation. She releases his hand and gives him a scalpel, "It’d be easier if you did this yourself." He surmises that Section intercepted a gene-coded message. Then pricks his finger and allows them to take a blood sample. Walter confirms the identity. Madeline returns to her office and puts on makeup before her next meeting with Leon. Upon entering the room she kicks the torture twins out. They discuss what they are expected to do, and Madeline admits that pain won’t do to break such a formidable opponent. She states that she intends to use reason and rationality. However, he refuses to admit that he is Leon. Each pays the other compliments in somewhat hidden meanings. Operations pages Madeline. "Before you die you’ll tell me what I want to know. It is up to you how you want to spend that time." she says as she heads out the door. Leon replies, "Dinner for two might be nice."

Operations questions her methods and tells Madeline to kill Leon since she’s not getting anywhere. She asserts that conventional methods won’t work and assures Operations that she can break Leon. With that she returns to the white room. Birkhoff is monitoring the interrogation on a screen. Walter steps up and they notice a recent incision behind Madeline’s ear. But ignore it for the time. Walter tries to speak to Birkhoff about his twin but Seymour doesn’t want to hear it. Birkhoff goes out to spy on his twin Jason, who appears to be a suave player. He later tells Walter that he saw Jason, but won’t go after him again.

Madeline has tea with Leon while trying to get the location of Red Cell’s headquarters. She implies it is in Algiers and he says no. He continues to intrigue her throughout the meeting. Madeline reports to Operations that he lied about Algiers. Operations sends in a team, they enter a seemingly empty warehouse. Michael is on tactical and gives out a warning too late. One of the operatives breaks a light beam triggering all the doors to snap shut. Then an acid bath sprays from sprinklers killing everyone. Back at Section, Madeline simply states she’ll adjust her numbers, Operations orders her to kill him. He watches as she turns on a lethal injection. Leon appears to flat line and Operations leaves his observation post. Madeline quickly injects something to revive Leon. Walter witnesses her do it. Madeline and Leon are together in a secret area. Madeline tries to convince him of her love. Birkhoff and Walter take their evidence to Michael. They discover Madeline may have underwent a risky surgery to affect her emotions. And suspect Red Cell is behind it. Michael reports the findings to Operations. However, Operations informs him that Madeline underwent the surgery willingly to help her mission. If Leon believes she loves him then he may reveal more intel. Michael responds, "A woman in love may prove to be a more formidable opponent than the one she loves."

Leon and Madeline make love. Leon still questions her loyalty and she offers to take him out of Section. Madeline sends Walter on an errand and takes a device to shield her locator from Section monitoring. Nikita meets with Michael. She asks him about love, believing that there’s more to it than manipulating some part of the brain. Michael remains quiet. Madeline leads Leon toward an exit, but when she opens the door Operations is standing on the other side. He calls for security and tries to reason with Madeline, telling her she’s gone off profile. "My life is more important than my job now…my resignation." Madeline shoots Operations and walks briskly past him. Leon takes Madeline to a Red Cell substation and straps her into a chair. He’s preparing to torture her when she looks up with tear filled eyes and says, "I’d tell you anything. All you have to do is ask." He pauses for a moment, "Alright let’s talk."

Michael and Nikita meet Operations in the infirmary, Operations is just finished getting his bullet wound patched. Nikita asks, "Getting hit wasn’t part of the profile." Operations replies, "Once Madeline had the operation there was no profile. Its all been improvisation." Birkhoff reports that Madeline’s secondary locator has been detected. Operations tells Michael and Nikita to get ready, he’s on point. At the Red Cell hideout, Madeline reveals that she has a second locator. Leon puts his guards on alert as Section operatives arrive and a gunfight ensues. Then he releases Madeline, she tells him that Section won’t hesitate to shoot her. He replies that he knows, "I want you with me. If we make it out of here." Michael and Nikita enter an adjacent room and calmly take out any Red Cell members in the way. They catch Madeline and Leon as they’re headed out a hidden exit. Operations steps through the exit and points his gun at Madeline who is shielding Leon. "Are you willing to die for him." then shoots her in the side and pumps two shots into Leon’s chest. A grief stricken Madeline clings to Leon’s limp form sobbing, "You didn’t have to kill him." Michael and Nikita slowly pull Madeline away.

Back in Section, Madeline is restored to normal and begins discussing a future mission with Operations. He inquires, "Any lingering feelings?" "I feel quite well."

Seemed rather silly to kill Leon after all they went through. Surely there was more intel to be had.

Jason Birkhoff arrives home to find his Section One twin, Seymour, staring at him.

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