La Femme Nikita Season 4 Episode 13 – Kiss The Past Goodbye

Title: Kiss The Past Goodbye

Air Date: June 25, 2000

Synopsis: Michael’s wife Elana and child Adam are innocents entangled in a new mission.

Michael is observing Elana and Adam, recalling the past, when another man appears to be getting close to her. He returns to Section One and interrupts Birkhoff, handing him a chip from the camera to do a background on the man. Briefing, Mierta Lupo must be extracted and brought in for interrogation. A Valentine op has been working her for several months and will be on site. After the briefing, Michael retrieves the chip from Birkhoff who was unable to turn up any information on the mystery man. Michael fails in his attempt to get a background as well.

Mission. Michael infiltrates Lupo’s retreat and successfully brings her back to Section. The Valentine op, Corliss, is the same man Michael saw with Elana. Upon returning to Section, Michael confronts Operations about Corliss being assigned to Elana and Adam. "Its for their own protection. Elana is suspected of betraying her father and is in danger from those who rebuilt Sala Valchek’s organization." Then Operations warns Michael, "Stay out of it, if you care about their welfare." Michael coldly replies, "And you do."

Michael questions Corliss about his profile briefly. Madeline and Operations discuss their plans to bring down Valchek’s brother by using Elana as bait. They inform Corliss that intel has already been leaked to implicate Elana as the one who betrayed her father. Corliss reports that Michael questioned him but he did not divulge anything.

Elana tells Robert Corliss that her uncle is coming to dinner in a couple days. However, she is not ready for Robert to meet her family yet. Madeline and Operations send Nikita to meet with Elana and soften the way for Robert to get invited to dinner. Meanwhile, they order Michael to advise Corliss on how to get passed Elana’s defenses. During his meeting with Michael, Robert gets a call from Elana and she invites him. Michael warns him not to let anything happen to Elana or Adam.

Michael arrives at Nikita’s apartment and they converse briefly about Elana being used as bait once again. The uncle arrives and has dinner, as he’s leaving Robert plants a tracking device. Back in section, Walter tells Corliss that he always thought he had what it took to be a Valentine op…"But I also have a heart." Valchek’s plan to go after Elana is confirmed. Michael is not on the mission but monitors it from his office. When the team loses Valchek, Michael leaves on his own mission.

Michael arrives at Elana’s house. He quickly and silently searches the house and deactivates a bomb he found in a ventilation duct. He returns to Section and sets it in front of Operations. "You said they would be safe…I want Valchek." "Good, I don’t want him boarding that plane." Michael takes out Valchek’s security then steps into his office. Recognition slowly dawns in Valchek’s eyes. He informs Michael that orders have already been issued to kill Elana and Adam but he will rescind them if Michael spares his life, now that he knows who his brother’s killer was. However, the shadow op Corliss shoots Valchek. At the same moment Michael whirls and shoots his shadow. Robert is still alive as Michael walks past leaving him to die. He enters Elana’s house but his wife and child are gone.

Section. Operations informs Michael that Elana and Adam have disappeared. "You needn’t worry about them any longer." Michael runs into Nikita on his way to his office. She starts to say she’s sorry. "It’s okay." He steps into his office and watches an old video of his family.

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