La Femme Nikita Season 4 Episode 17 – Sleeping With The Enemy

Title: Sleeping With The Enemy

Air Date: July 30, 2000

Synopsis: After Section One is nearly destroyed they realize a common enemy has attacked Red Cell as well.

Substation 3 is down. It self destructs. Kate Quinn, Seymour’s replacement, reports that Section One’s self destruct has been activated. She works feverishly to deactivate but can’t override it. Everyone scrambles to evacuate. But Kate remains at her station trying to abort the command, pulling it off at the last second.

Later, Kate goes to see Walter at his request. He tries to congratulate her and offers her a toast of old scotch. She accepts the toast but is cold towards him and his memories of Seymour Birkhoff. After she walks away, Walter drinks to Birkhoff.

Perch. Operations gets off the phone with Mr. Jones and tells Madeline that Jones wants Seymour at Center the first of next month. Madeline is confident she can turn Jason into Seymour in that length of time. Operations and Madeline do not want Center to find out their internal incident. Madeline sends Jason to observe and assist Quinn. As he introduces himself Kate replies, "So you’re the twin."

Briefing. The self destruct attack is traced to Red Cell. Operations wants Colin Starnes, their chief tactical officer, extracted alive. Michael’s team is on the mission. Rob Zombie plays during successful extraction and Starnes is taken to the White Room. Madeline walks briskly into the room and circles Starnes. "This can all be painless. The choice is yours." Starnes replies, "To some, pain is pleasure." "Good. Then you should enjoy yourself." The Twins walk in as Madeline walks back out at the same brisk pace.

A short time later Madeline informs Operations that Starnes claims Red Cell did not attack Section One or the Substation. Further intel indicates that two of Red Cell’s Substations were hit as well. "So we’re dealing with a third party." deduces Operations. Kate pages Operations to report that Red Cell is massing troops in preparations to strike Section One. Operations talks Starnes into relaying a message to Red Cell. A secure video link is established and he tells the Red Cell Director, "Operations wants a meeting." The Director is reluctant but Starnes urges him to cooperate and he does. Operations proposes a 48 hour truce and as a show of trust, to swap key operatives. The Director agrees. After his meeting with the Director he speaks to the senior operatives about the swap. Madeline is chosen as the operative to work with the enemy. The two factions meet in a stadium and make the exchange.

Red Cell. Madeline is shown to her workstation. She carefully observes her surroundings and asks for a glass of water as she sits down.

Back at Section. Satin Tate, Madeline’s counterpart in Red Cell, takes her position at a terminal but seems preoccupied with some past relationship with Michael. She continues trying to get higher security clearance. Walter and Nikita speak briefly about not trusting Satin. Nikita gets more interested when she sees how Satin is acting toward Michael. Satin delivers her report to Michael and tries to remind him of the past; showing him a picture of himself from years ago. "You were my inspiration Michael Samuelle. You fought with sticks and stones yet managed to make them see things your way. Where is this man? What happened to him? You once believed in something you thought was worth fighting for. How long are you going to let them use you?" He seems not to hear her but recalls meeting with Rene Dion during a mission where Nikita ends up shooting Rene (Season 2: Half Life).

Later, Satin reports to Operations that a random must’ve hit Section and Red Cell but made it appear that they’d attacked each other. Michael doesn’t like her suggestion. Operations tells Quinn to relay the findings to Cell and see if they agree.

Red Cell. Madeline is typing at her workstation. She removes a small chip from under her fingernail and drops it into the glass of water beside her. The device allows her to communicate with Operations, the water apparently amplifying the receiving and transmission range. Madeline reports that she has narrowed the random’s location to the NE quadrant but has not relayed this to the Director. Operations tells her to keep it that way, since he wants to find the random before Red Cell.

Michael’s Office. Nikita enters looking for him. He steps in a moment later and states there’s a briefing in 10 minutes. "Operations doesn’t want Satin there. I’m supposed to keep her busy running a sim." After the meeting Michael walks over to Satin’s station and she continues to work him. Quinn locates the third party and Michael’s team moves in. They find a computer geek that thought he was playing a war game. They take him to the White Room. After the interrogation Quinn calls him a genius. He rigged the data to make Section and Cell think they were attacking each other while he had full access to the mainframes. Operations asks Kate if they can use his methods to access Red Cell. She replies that they could. Operations dismisses her with a thoughtful expression. He makes a deal with the computer geek to "Keep playing the game…and help us wipe out the other side." Madeline reports to Operations again. But Operations misleads her saying they’re still working to locate the random. "I look forward to seeing the results." Operations replies, "You’ll be the first to see them." Madeline gets a thoughtful expression and contacts Quinn on an alternate channel. She manipulates Quinn into confirming numerous things but when she requests the most recent data, Quinn informs her they’ve been sealed by Operations and cuts the conversation short. Jason smugly states, "You lied to her." Quinn is worried but assumes Madeline will not be coming back.

Michael walks up to Satin’s terminal and taps a series of keys giving her access to secure data. She looks up smiling, "Thank you Michael." As he walks into a corridor Nikita asks him what he just did. Michael doesn’t answer but doesn’t look happy. Satin begins transmitting data to Red Cell. The Director orders Madeline to her quarters and is pleased with the intel coming in. His technician begins decoding some files. Back at Section, Michael and Operations have Quinn trace Satin’s communication from the privacy of the Perch. Satin transferred a self destruct code to Red Cell along with the data, "She thought Michael was helping her." admits Operations. He orders Quinn to activate the self destruct.

Red Cell. Madeline escapes her quarters and heads out. The Director and tech are still at the terminal trying to deactivate the self destruct. Madeline is near the exit when the compound incinerates.

Nikita enters Michael’s office. "Is Madeline dead?" "There were no survivors." "Don’t know how I feel…was it worth the sacrifice."

Systems. Michael and Operations are walking through. Satin is being escorted to Containment. "You deceived me." Michael replies, "I did what I believed in." Satin is escorted out and Michael walks away. Operations hears footsteps behind him and turns slowly to see Madeline approaching. She pauses in front of him. Operations says simply, "Congratulations." "Thank you." replies Madeline with a smile. Operations glares over his shoulder as she walks away.

Sidenote from Christopher Heyn. Kate Quinn was named after LFN fan Katherine Quinn who won the honor in a charity raffle at Close Quarters Standby 2.

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