La Femme Nikita Season 4 Episode 18 – Toys In The Basement

Title: Toys In The Basement

Air Date: August 6, 2000

Synopsis: Nikita is abducted and held prisoner. Michael goes on a lone mission to rescue her.

In a desolate alley. A man stops and rescues a stray cat from a dumpster. Nearby, Section operatives enter a library to retrieve a Bright Star database. Nikita retrieves the disk as Quinn reports hostiles approaching. However, the hostiles are already there and the team splits up during their exit. Nikita is chased across the roof tops of several buildings until a soldier shoots her and she falls into a dumpster in the alley below.

Michael arrives a short time later to find a small pool of blood but no Nikita. During the debrief Quinn reports that Bright Star has developed a thermal blocker that shields them from Section scans. This being the reason for the minimal warning during the mission. Michael asks about Nikita’s status. Operations replies, "She’s off the board." Since Nikita had the database they were trying to retrieve Operations begins laying out his plan for an alternative. Michael wants to recover Nikita and the database in the process. However, Operations declines stating that Nikita will be listed as killed in action.

Nikita awakes to find herself chained in a bed in a dark basement. She looks around to see several caged dogs and cat. A man talking to his mother upstairs filters down to her faintly. A set of stairs are lowered from the ceiling and a man walks down to see Nikita awake. "Where am I?" The man ignores the question and explains that he removed the bullet. Still in obvious pain, "Thank you…Who are you?" "Your doctor." he replies simply. After a bit more conversation they do exchange names. The man, Henry Collins, acts rather strange and shy. Nikita plays innocent trying to talk him into unchaining her. Instead he injects her with a sedative and leaves. He seems to be obsessed with Nikita.

Section One. The senior team is assembled for a briefing. When Michael doesn’t show, Operations reschedules it in 30 minutes and goes to Michael’s office. He enters and informs Michael, "If you have to grieve do it on your own time." Michael replies, "You owe me 15 days for helping your friend. I’d like to take them now." (Season 4 Episode 7) "Do what you have to do." replies Operations, "But use any Section resources and I will act accordingly."

Back in Henry’s basement Nikita awakes as Henry carries a cake to her bed side and starts to feed it to her. But he soon gets angry and leaves when Nikita continues to work him and asks for water. After he goes back upstairs Nikita notices some water dripping from a pipe for some animals. She uses the fork that Henry left behind to unlock her hand cuffs and crawls over under the dripping water. Nikita relishes a few drops before she quickly slides back in the bed and pretends to sleep as Henry returns. That night Nikita discovers a weak part in the wall and breaks through to a ground level window. But before she can move, a barking dog pokes his head in. Then Henry pulls him back and asks, "Feeling better Nikita?" The next morning Henry bricks over the window then starts an IV on Nikita to feed her intravenously.

Well the idea was to have Henry, being a doctor, feed Nikita intravenously. But in this scene he uses milk. That’d kill a person going straight into the blood stream. It was reported that the directors were not pleased with this one at all since it departed too far from being medically sound, but it was too late to do anything about it. There was no reason to do this as far as I’m concerned. Any half way intelligent fan would appreciate and understand her being fed through an IV after refusing food. But using milk is just silly.

At Section, Jason tries to win Quinn’s affections as she gives him instructions on Tactical. Michael arrives and asks Quinn to do a DMV trace. "You know the drill, Michael. No can do." Jason takes Michael aside and begins the trace as Madeline observes his actions.

Nikita awakes to find herself in a wedding gown, still chained to the bed. Henry is decorating the basement around her. Nikita continues trying to get to him working on his obvious immaturity with respect to women. She continues trying to talk him into unlocking the cuffs saying she just wants to touch him. But at this Henry gets upset, tells her she sounds like a whore and storms up the stairs in a tirade. Section. Madeline calls Jason in and confronts him about helping Michael. After listening to his reasons she informs him that she’s pleased with his progress (since Seymour Birkhoff would’ve done the same). At Henry’s house a meter reader arrives but Henry kills him then drives away. While he’s away Nikita breaks out of the cuffs and staggers to the stairs. She starts to make her way up but Ms. Collins kicks her back down. Later, she does Nikita’s makeup while waiting for Henry to return for their wedding. Nikita tries to warn Ms. Collins that dangerous people are looking for her and the she and Henry are in jeopardy. But Ms. Collins seems not to hear as she continues to talk about her son and how happy she is.

Jason Birkhoff gives Michael his result from the DMV trace. He tracked the vehicle from the mission where Nikita disappeared to what appears to be a possible Bright Star Substation at the location that Nikita’s signal was lost. He concluded that the meter reader entered but did not exit. Jason tells Michael about his interview with Madeline but Michael isn’t very interested. Then Michael stops to get some gear from Walter. While he’s there Walter tries to talk him into going to Operations with the intel he has gathered. Michael insists on doing it alone.

Henry’s house. Ms. Collins puts on the music for the ceremony as Henry returns. However, a couple Bright Star mercenaries follow him in and kill he and his mother. Then ask Nikita where the disk with the database is at. They start to strangle her with a rope run over a floor support. Outside, Michael uses a cement truck to mask his approach from the Bright Star operatives standing guard around Henry’s house. Suddenly Michael accelerates ahead of the truck and slides his motorcycle around the truck and into the driveway mowing down the sentries with his automatic rifle. He shoots a couple more Bright Star men as they exit the house. Then Michael makes his way down the stairs and kills Nikita’s interrogators with ease. Nikita collapses to the floor as the rope is released and tells Michael, "You should have had backup…what if this had been a Bright Star substation? You wouldn’t have made it out alive." Michael moves closer, picking her up. "If you weren’t alive it wouldn’t have mattered." He carries her out to his bike and they disappear down the highway; Nikita still in the wedding dress.

Section One. Operations asks Kate Quinn if Michael has returned. Kate replies that she received a transmission from him with the database and a cryptic message that she doesn’t understand. She reads it to him, "It took me four days to find Nikita. That leaves eleven." Operations smiles and walks away.

Cut to an isolated forest scene. Michael’s motorcycle is parked beside a small tent.

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