La Femme Nikita Season 4 Episode 19 – Time Out of Mind

Title: Time Out of Mind

Air Date: August 13, 2000

Synopsis: Nikita goes undercover in an asylum.

Nikita is eating in a plush restaurant when she hallucinates and interrupts a couple patrons believing a murder was in progress. She is scared and confused as they try to comfort her. Flash to what appears to be some type of hospital. Nikita is strapped in a bed and hearing voices that are not really there.

Section One. Operations briefs the team on Drakium A.S. a deadly bio-warfare toxin. The Freedom League is negotiating with Crystal French to obtain the toxin and since she is too isolated, her son David will be the worked for intel. David is currently in a Metal Institution in Zurich. "Twenty four hours ago Nikita was given a psychosis inducing drug. Two hours later she was admitted to the Zurich facility."

Tactical. Jason Birkhoff tries to contact Nikita through her hidden com link, to tell her to take the anti-psychotic, but she is unresponsive. Nikita is hallucinating again as the doctor examines her. The doctor gives her an injection and questions her. Jason tells Michael to try talking to her. Nikita tries talking aloud to Michael at first. He tells her to take the pills that are hidden in her compact. After Nurse Adder and the doctor leave Nikita walks through the bathroom and into another room down the hall. She takes one pill then wanders around the room looking for Michael. He continues to speak to her reminding her of her mission to contact David French. The nurse finds Nikita and leads her back to her room. She passes David in the hall, obsessively washing his hands at a water fountain.

Nikita becomes more coherent as the anti-psychotic takes effect and goes back out into the hall to find David in the restroom washing his hands. She tells him something about his mother that sends him into a tantrum. Nurse Adder watches Nikita leaving the restroom. As she returns to her room Jason tells her to take the second pill. Nikita looks for it but its gone. The doctor and several nurses step into the room, "I understand you’ve been hiding something from us."

Zurich Mental Institution. Nikita is sedated in bed. Jason tries to talk to her but she doesn’t respond. Madeline uses a hypnotic trigger,"White rabbit.", that she programmed Nikita with to help bring her back to reality. Nikita then listens to Jason and goes back out in the hallway. Standing outside of David’s room she sings a lullaby sending him into another fit. A couple nurses take him to electro-shock therapy. David sees Nikita following after him as he gets shocked. Adder sends Nikita back to her room.

As she looks around Nikita continues to see drawings of a rabbit on the walls, on her hands, and elsewhere. Walter speaks to Nikita briefly to encourage her before she ventures out once again to push David for the location of the toxin. After their encounter David is taken to electro-shock again. Michael asks Nikita for any intel and she relays what David told her. She sees Michael on the TV and continues to ask him why he’s on TV.

Michael reports Nikita’s intel to Madeline and Operations and they authorize her extraction. Davenport’s team heads to the location to intercept the Drakium while Michael poses as Nikita’s step brother. He convinces the doctor to release Nikita after some explaining. Davenport informs Operations that the Drakium has been moved. Nikita is thrilled to see Michael and anxious to leave. She looks like a scared, but relieved, child as she approaches him. Operations orders Michael to abort the extraction. Michael tells Nikita that she should stay awhile for her own good. Nurse Adder and another nurse drag Nikita from the room screaming in protest. Michael reaches after her then stops at the door and watches her with a pained expression in his eyes while listening to Nikita begging him not to leave her.

Fade to Nikita strapped in bed. Adder releases her but warns her that she will be watching. Nikita meets David again and he gives her a note. Several nurses enter and take Nikita to electro-shock. Some time later Nikita is sprawled out in her bad with a blank and uncaring look on her face. Back at Section, Michael asks her for the intel but she seems not to recall. She mutters, "Who’s David French?" as drool slips from her mouth and down her chin.

Operations and Madeline discuss their options with two hours left till Crystal French meets the Freedom League. Madeline goes to Tactical and instructs Nikita on how to self medicate herself. Madeline carefully and methodically walks Nikita down the hall to the medical supply room where she runs into Nurse Adder. Madeline simply says, "Cancel her." With an unsettling giggle Nikita shoves the nurse into the room and snaps her neck. After medicating herself to restore her short term memory Nikita relays the intel to Section One. Davenport’s team is on site. Nikita finds David pulling files out of the office and enters after he leaves to see what he took. She discovers the doctor’s dead body. Then Nikita locates David packing to leave and acting completely sane. She asks, "You faked it. Why?" David replies, "I could ask you the same. But Section wouldn’t send a lunatic to get intel on David French would they?" Suddenly he thrusts forward with a syringe and Nikita goes down. "Tell your superiors I said thanks." then David disappears. Davenport’s team takes out Crystal French and acquires the Drakium.

Perch. Operations confirms to Madeline that Crystal French is dead but David is missing. Madeline asks about Nikita but Operations does not answer.

Back in the hospital Nikita is taken to electro-shock. The doctor is Operations, "Are you ready to tell the truth?" He shocks her. Nikita sits up suddenly in her apartment and looks around. She notices a stuffed white rabbit laying beside the bed. Then starts crying.

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