La Femme Nikita Season 4 Episode 20 – Face In The Mirror

Title: Face In The Mirror

Air Date: August 20, 2000

Synopsis: Part one of three in what was intended to be the series finale. Operations and Madeline move forward with their plan for Jason Birkhoff. Meanwhile Nikita has a plan of her own.

Nikita’s Apartment. Mick stops in, notices Michael laying in the bed, then talks Nikita into being his partner for some ballroom dancing lessons. She reluctantly agrees to one class.

Section One. Walter gives Jason a Level 1 corneal scan access. As they’re finishing the procedure Jason sees his former girlfriend Naomi being brought in. Briefing, Red Cell has a new Cardinal – Maurice Grenet – and he is to be taken out at his daughter’s wedding where he is expected to make a brief appearance.

Jason finds Naomi. She lies to him about letting the operatives in to take him at Aruba. Naomi acts confused and scared. Madeline observes the encounter on a monitor as Operations walks into her office. He informs her that Mr. Jones wants Seymour Birkhoff at Center in 72 hours. Madeline feels certain she can get Jason to cooperate. Nikita stops to get her rifle from Walter. Walter starts to tell her he’s worried about Jason and knows Section is doing something with him but Nikita has to leave with Michael.

On site at the wedding. Nikita is laying on a high balcony. Maurice arrives and meets his daughter briefly but Nikita appears to freeze up and does not take the shot. When Quinn doesn’t get a response from her, Michael goes to check on her and finds that she’s been shot in the side. The target gets away. As the team returns to Section One, Operations holds Michael accountable for the failure. Michael reports that Nikita was ambushed then goes to review the mission files. A short time later he goes to visit Nikita in the Infirmary but the doctor has already sent her home. He informs Michael that it was only a minor flesh wound. Michael orders the doctor to alter his report to Operations. Operations and Madeline discuss the results if their plan with Jason fails and Center realizes Seymour is dead.

Walter meets with Jason and asks him what’s going on. Then Walter conjectures what Madeline told him. Jason gets somewhat defensive and asks, "Why do you even care?" "Because I’m not like the others." replies Walter with a smile "I’ve got my reasons." Then he realizes Operations plan and tells Jason not trust what Madeline and Operations say. "Where is Naomi?" "Don’t know. Can’t find her." replies Jason. Walter puts it together and informs Jason that, "Either her recruitment is real and when they’re done she’s dead. Or Naomi is Section, and she’s playing you." Jason gets angry and takes a swing at Walter. But Walter sternly backs him against the wall, elbow poised to crush Jason’s throat. "I just look old." with a serious yet forgiving glare in his eyes.

Michael stops by Nikita’s place briefly. After he leaves she goes drives away in her car but Michael tails her to a meeting with the Cardinal. When Nikita returns she finds Michael waiting for her and a candle lit dinner prepared. He secretly removes his tracking device from the collar of her coat before continuing. Nikita pours them wine. Michael questions her about the mission. "The scenario seems impossible to extrapolate." "You know how we are, Michael. We defy the odds." After a pause Michael states, "You shot your self Nikita." She replies very seriously, "Yes, I did." "Why?" "Seemed like a bad idea to assassinate the one man that could get me out of Section forever." Michael gets groggy, shoves his glass away realizing Nikita drugged him, then collapses to the floor. With tears in her eyes, "Sorry Michael. Had my chance. Had to take it." Nikita calls someone, apparently a Red Cell contact, "We have a problem."

Moments later she’s driving down the street with an unconscious Michael in the passenger seat. Nikita pulls into a deserted parking garage. The Cardinal and several men are waiting. He makes an iris scan of Michael’s eye which lays the pattern on a contact lens that he hands to Nikita. Then his men take Michael and deposit him in the trunk of their car. Maurice inquires, "How much does he know? Can you turn him?" Nikita replies, "Enough. Not from the inside. Maybe once I’m out." Then the Cardinal hands her a small disc that will allow her to sink her files in the Section mainframe.

Section One. Jason meets with Naomi momentarily but two operatives enter and drag him out to another room. They strap him to a chair as two doctors approach and lower a device in front of his eyes. Jason continues to ask what’s going on and Madeline steps beside him and replies, "We’re making some adjustments." (Perhaps Seymour’s neural scrape from Down a Crooked Path.

Walter meets Nikita as she enters Section. She avoids him saying that Jason can take care of himself and she’s in a hurry. Nikita enters Level 5 with Michael’s corneal scan, takes out a tech that gets in her way, then begins to sink her files. Madeline walks in, "How did you get in here?"

Nikita replies coldly, "Same way you did…Through the door."

"Where’s Michael? Using his corneal scan access is grounds for cancellation."

Disinterested, "You’re threats are of no interest to me anymore." Nikita continues working to delete her files and after a pause, "Not that they ever have been." Then she turns to face Madeline and draws her gun after removing the disk from the computer.

"I’m sorry for you Nikita."

"Is that an emotion?"

"It’s taken a long time for us to come to this point, hasn’t it?"

"Too long if you ask me."

They stare at each other for a couple moments then Madeline turns to an intercom to call security. Nikita knocks her out with butt of her gun and walks to an elevator. Madeline recovers moments later and calls security, "…shoot to kill." Moments later Nikita is walking out a long tunnel and emerges in a busy train station where she soon disappears in the crowd.

Elsewhere in some medical office. Nikita hands Grenet a disc. "What have you done with Michael?" Cut to Michael being tortured by a couple guys to little effect. Then to Section where Jason is just recovering. Madeline places a set of glasses on him and his vision clears. He looks like Seymour. "What’ve you done to me?" Back to Michael being cut down from a support beam. He lures one of the Red Cell goons closer to him as he starts to speak for the first time. He quickly disarms him and uses the man’s body as a shield as he kills several Red Cell soldiers. Michael heads up a set of stairs killing more Red Cell members along the way. Operating Room. Nikita sets up on the table discussing plastic surgery with her surgeon. After getting her confirmation he says, "Let’s get started."

Michael returns to Section One. Madeline and Operations tell Michael they need his help to locate Nikita since she wiped out her files and has disabled her tracking device. Madeline believes Nikita will try to contact Michael. Michael is somewhat reluctant to agree after she drugged him and turned him over to Red Cell. But Madeline counters, "She’s well aware of your ability to take care of yourself." Operations warns Madeline that if she’s wrong Michael is at risk. She replies, "I believe Nikita still has Michael’s best interests at heart." Operations agrees and Madeline takes Michael to view a simulation.

Jason, now looking just like Seymour Birkhoff, approaches Com and takes Quinn’s position. Several other techs give him his space. Walter watches in awe. Madeline shows Michael the 3D sim of a likely encounter with Nikita at Mario’s restaurant. After some talking Nikita shoots him point blank. Michael looks up at Madeline, "Best interests? Looks like you miscalculated." "Its our only option." Madeline states. "I’ll make arrangements." then Michael walks away from the holographic image.

Operations approaches Madeline, "So you showed him the alternate we discussed. Did he accept it?" "Yes, it was quite believable." Madeline restarts the sim and rather than shooting him, Nikita sits on his lap and entices him to leave Section and join her. She pulls out a CD that will delete his files. Sim ends. Madeline and Operations just look at each other.

Back at the medical office the doctor cuts away the bandages from Nikita’s face. After seeing herself in a mirror (which we can’t see) "It’ll take some getting used to."

Mario’s. Michael is sitting by himself waiting. Operations comes over his com link, "When she arrives, you know what you have to do."

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