La Femme Nikita Season 4 Episode 22 – Four Light Years Farther

Title: Four Light Years Farther

Air Date: August 27, 2000

Synopsis: Part three of three in what was intended to be the series finale. Michael and Nikita have left Section One but are not clear yet. Operations and Madeline get a surprise visitor.

While the final three episodes of season four were written as the series finale, La Femme Nikita was resurrected for eight more episodes in season five.

The scene is chaotic as a team returns from a bad mission. Several operatives are dead or injured. Olivier and Kurtzmen start arguing. Madeline and Operations enter the area as Olivier pulls his gun on Kurtzmen, Operations cancels him. A short time later Madeline and Operations are in the Perch. They realize how valuable Michael and Nikita were now that they’re gone. Cut to Nikita lounging on the yacht. Michael comes from below deck and hands her a drink. They briefly discuss the need to keep moving and the need to get more cash from a Red Cell account. In Comm, Madeline narrows the search tremendously with the assumption that Michael and Nikita may try funneling funds from terrorist accounts. She suspects that perhaps they wanted to be found.

Michael and Nikita are driving through a rural area. Nikita reaches over and caresses Michael’s face. "I’m surprised…I’m still not getting used to you."

"You will."

"I don’t want to. I don’t want it to change."

"After a few more bounces we should be able to settle in for awhile…Maybe three or four months."

Almost longingly Nikita replies, "Four months in one place. That’s a lifetime."

"Where do you want to go?"

"Ummm, an island…" she replies dreamily.

"How about Rhodes? There’s a family there I once helped."

"Do they know you helped them?"


Nikita smiles and leans over to kiss him. "I just love it when I’m right about you."

Michael waits outside a bank watching the people around the town. Nikita comes out of the bank and climbs in. Michael glances around and realizes everyone has disappeared. He whispers to Nikita, "We’re surrounded." Nikita asks him if they should run for it, she has several grenades. "There’ll be another day." After a moment they both step slowly out of the car with their hands at their sides. A team of operatives appears and closes around them.

Perch. Madeline walks in and alerts Operations that Michael and Nikita have been returned. They discuss what should happen and decide that one of them must be cancelled. Operations is sure Michael should be the one. But Madeline suggests letting them decide.

Michael and Nikita are in a room separated by plexiglass. They’re talking. Michael trying to convince Nikita that she must be the one to stay alive. "If they cancel you, I won’t want to live. I’ll step in front of the first bullet shot at me." "No you won’t. I’ll need you after I’m gone." Nikita gives him a questioning look. "Adam (his son). You’re the only one I can trust." Nikita moves to touch his hands through the glass. "You can live without me. A lot better than I can live without you." Michael simply replies, "No."

A door opens behind Michael. He turns and walks out with the two operatives. Down a corridor and into a room where he’s strapped into a chair. Operations enters the room and takes a syringe from a tech. "I’d prefer a bullet." Operations smiles then walks around the chair. "You’ll get over her death. She’ll never be able to get over yours. This is just to help you through it." He injects the serum into Michael’s neck. Michael is furious, realizing he was tricked. "NO!!! NO!!!!" But he quickly slumps over in the chair unconscious. Operations looks up and closes his eyes briefly as if questioning if he’s made the right decision.

Madeline is observing Nikita, strapped into a chair, through a window, and tells her that Michael will live. Walter is allowed in to say goodbye. He starts sobbing and is enraged at Madeline for carrying out Nikita’s cancellation. He keeps telling Madeline, "You have no right!" Nikita stays calm though and tells Walter that everything will be alright. Finally, Walter regains some composure and kisses Nikita on the forehead before reluctantly walking out.

Madeline gives the tech beside her the okay to electrocute Nikita. But the systems have suddenly gone off line. Nikita glares back through the glass. Sensing something is wrong; perhaps knowing what is wrong. Operations is in the Perch when Stokes reports all systems off line. He starts to ask how when his phone rings. Its Mr. Jones. Cut to a private jet with a serious atmosphere, several assistants along with Jason Birkhoff are on board. Mr. Jones explains, "I’ve neutralized Section One for awhile. I’ll explain when I get there…Just have to be patient Paul." Then promptly hangs up before Operations can ask him anything further. Operations slowly sits down the phone with a sickened expression.

Madeline and Operations are discussing the ominous arrival of Mr. Jones — fearing the worst. Mr. Jones enters. Madeline and Operations turn to greet him but both are stunned. Operations mutters, "Mick?! But why?" Mr. Jones replies, "Call me a hands on manager. I needed to investigate Section One and Mick allowed me to do that." He banters with Madeline and Operations a moment, seemingly pleased with his portrayal of Mick Schtoppel Nikita’s informant. Then Madeline brings the meeting back to a serious note, "You had to have someone on the inside." "Of course I did…" Operations and Madeline look at each other suspiciously. Jones interjects, "It wasn’t either of you."

Then they all turn toward the door as someone enters. Nikita states, "Ready when you are sir." Madeline and Operations are thoroughly shocked once again. Jones elaborates, "My cover was thorough. Her’s unprecedented. You’re looking at the best of the best." Nikita stands at ease to Mr. Jones’ left. "I recruited her three years ago for her free will and disdain for Section One."

Mr. Jones, Nikita, and company walk across the floor. Walter approaches Nikita and one of the assistants points a gun at him but Nikita brushes it aside. "We’ll talk later." Walter watches, confused, as they continue away. Walter spots Jason who relays that its evaluation time. Then Walter shows Jason a video proving his girlfriend Naomi is Section. Jason simply walks away without a response. He later calls her into a private meeting and tells her that she did him a favor. He’s enjoying his work now. Then dismisses her back to her post.

Evaluation Room. Mr. Jones and Nikita are sitting at a table. Nikita working with a laptop. Across the room a glass wall opens into a small sparse chamber. Madeline enters the chamber and sits. Nikita looks up from the screen after a moment and questions her about some events in the past. Madeline considers a couple mistakes insignificant and gets defensive. She steps up to the glass. "I don’t need to hear what some ad hoc internal affairs bimbo thinks of my work. Get to the punchline."

"If you insist."

Nikita interrupts him. "No. This is not the way. She may not have a place in Section but she does have assets."

"Is this a personal plea?"

Nikita stares at Madeline through the glass, "Yes."

Jones looks at Madeline. "You understand this is my decision. And mine alone."

Madeline states, "No, you understand. I’ll make my own decisions regarding my fate." Then she pulls a pill from her hair, presumably a cyanide capsule, and takes her life. Nikita just stares through the glass unblinking. Jones seems a bit stunned, "I shall miss her fortitude."

As her body is taken out, Operations stops the gurney and kisses Madeline lightly on the lips. Nikita walks into the corridor, "I want to show you something." She starts down the hall and Operations follows after a glance back at Madeline. Nikita takes him to a playground. They watch the children playing as she questions him. She decides he lacks the compassion necessary to take George’s place at Oversight. Nikita informs him that he will be reevaluated in seven years, then leaves him standing there.

Evaluation Room. Walter is in the chamber. He’s hurt from her betrayal but gives in to her sincerity and genuine love. She sends him to the Farm to become a teacher. Walter isn’t fond of the idea but glad to be alive. Nikita stands and smiles, "I’m going to miss you Walter. Who’s going to call me ‘sugar’?" The doors to the chamber open and Walter starts to walk out. "Good Bye Walter." "So long…sugar." She smiles in thought.

Michael enters the room next. He simply stands and watches her as she reads from his profile. "Michael Samuelle, brought in 10 years ago, graduated 9 months early and moved directly to Level 3. Your continual ascent within the organization was due not only to your tactical and strategic abilities. There was something primal about your approach." Nikita finally looks up at him as she finishes, "You have shown otherworldly disregard for your own well-being. More than anyone you’ve been true to the highest principles that define Section One."

Without hesitation, Michael says, "That’s not true. I betrayed Section. I’ve put your well-being ahead of everything else."

"I’ve no choice but to recommend your cancellation."

As if he completely expected it."Is there an abeyance mission pending?"


"Thank you."

Jones and Operations are walking down a corridor. Jones reveals that he knew about the Seymour / Jason Birkhoff switch. Further he informs Operations that if he had not accommodated him by getting Jason, "You would have been cancelled." Nikita walks out and informs Jones that she’s finished.

Briefing for abeyance mission. Operations runs through the scenario where Michael will put on a vest wired with C4 and run the gauntlet alone to make it to a secure room with a dead end, having armed the explosives en route. As they prepare to depart Walter pulls Michael aside and offers him a package of solvents to dig his way out of the dead end before the explosion. Michael thanks him but doesn’t take the package.

Jason monitors the mission as Michael penetrates the compound and heads toward his target. After reaching his final mark, taking out numerous soldiers along the way, he arms the C4 and at Jason’s prompt starts the timer. He promptly goes through the final door but finds all the hostiles are dead. Nikita is standing at the other end of the room, the wall behind her has a gaping hole in it. Nikita runs over to Michael and starts unfastening his suicide vest. "Thought someone should use Walter’s bag of tricks." Michael just stands there somewhat dazed as Nikita removes the vest and sets it aside. "C’mon lets go." Nikita runs across the room and dives out the hole. After a moment, Michael follows. A huge explosion annihilates the compound.

Michael and Nikita climb out of a storm drain and continue jogging through the forest for a short distance before Nikita stops. "We’re clear."

Michael finally speaks. "Four minutes till we’re in satellite range. Why did you break protocol?"

"Wasn’t ready to see you die."

"Are you out?"

"No, but you can make it." She hands him a field router to jam Section’s tracking ability.

"What about you?"

"I’ve a card to play. They owe me this."

Almost pleading, "Come with me."

"I can’t."

Michael steps closer to Nikita and pushes her sunglasses up. She refuses to look at him. "Is that what you want?" After a moment she replies, "I don’t love you." Then looks at him, "Never did."

They stand staring at each other. Michael calmly pulls out a pocket knife and cuts himself at the corner of his right eye without taking his eyes off of Nikita’s. Slowly a tear of blood rolls down his cheek. Nikita finally looks away with a hint of pain in her eyes. Michael hands the field router back to her and walks away, stealing one last look as he passes her. Nikita stares around, not looking at anything, seeming to fight to keep her composure.

The End

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