LFN Season Four Finale In Retrospect

To Note

The first thing to note is that La Femme Nikita was cancelled part way through the Fourth Season. Therefor the Season Four Finale, the final three episodes (Face In The Mirror, Up The Rabbit Hole, Four Light Years Farther), were meant to be the Series Finale as well. It was decided after the episodes were filmed that there would indeed be one last 8 episode Season Five. This was in part due to a large fan campaign.

Also, the speculations below regarding Season Five were indeed made before Season Five aired and I have left them as they stood back then.

Thoughts on the Season / Series Finale

According to various discussion forums, including alt.fan.la-femme.nikita, many fans felt Up The Rabbit Hole should have been the series finale. That is to say that Nikita and Michael sailing off into the sunset seemed much more ideal than what transpired by the end of Four Light Years Farther. They finally had their freedom and each other in Up The Rabbit Hole.

That Usenet group alt.fan.la-femme.nikita has picked up with some discussion of the new Nikita show as well, though unfortunately there is some off topic spam as well.

That song they played during Michael and Nikita’s stroll up the beach was I Love You from Sarah McLachlan: Surfacing. (BUY)

Going into Four Light Years Farther knowing that there would be more episodes made the ending seem more bearable to some, myself included. Without that knowledge. Well… Madeline is dead! Seymour Birkhoff was already killed (I miss that character). Operations is damned to run Section for a very long time, which begs the question if Paul (Operations) and George were a good bit older than Mr. Jones just how the heck did Mick get to Center?!. Michael is left crying tears of blood for his beloved Nikita. Who knows what will happen to his son Adam. Walter is off to the Farm (well I guess that isn’t so bad). And Nikita still has a card to play but what the heck is it?! Did she ever love Michael? What about Adrian who was left at that care home?

My point is that Four Light Years Farther created quite a few questions even though it did tie up some loose ends created in the fourth season; namely Jason Birkhoff and Mr. Jones have been clarified. But the biggest problem that I, and what I perceive from other fans, is that Michael and Nikita should have each other whether in Section or out of it. To most it was apparent that Nikita still loved Michael at the end regardless of her words.


Well here I go off on some tangents that pull from the previous seasons, so if you haven’t seen them refer to the episode summaries here. Some thoughts speculate on what may occur in Season Five.

Adrian and George

Adrian played an important role for quite some time in the earlier seasons. What good is she to Michael with George dead? Is George really dead? Operations did not kill Adrian when they had the chance but kept her hidden away. George owes Michael for saving his life, will he repay the debt (if alive)?


I hardly think that she would take her life that easily. Granted Nikita, is now a more cold and calm operative since being recruited to Center but she did give a personal plea for Madeline. And when Madeline took what is assumed to be a cyanide capsule, Nikita calmly watched; that is not typical Nikita. She made it clear she had some concern for her, then watched her die. Perhaps this is the card Nikita has yet to play; she worked with Madeline to ensure Madeline could fake her death and stay alive.

Walter and Jason

Well Jason Birkhoff is a friend in a high place for Nikita, Michael, and Walter anyhow. Doubt he’s going to be very cooperative with Operations or Madeline. Walter as a teacher was inevitable I suppose. I wonder how he’ll be written into the show.

Nikita and Michael

They still love each other. Nikita being recruited by Mr. Jones 3 years ago seems crazy with all she has gone through in the meantime (the Gelman Process and Neural Scrape for starters). A more recent recruitment is believable I suppose. Can Michael pull Adrian out of the closet for some purpose? Michael deserves Nikita, with all they’ve gone through and all he has done for her, the man deserves his princess.

In Closing

After watching these last two episodes two or three times I simply don’t care for Four Light Years Farther as a series finale. There’s simply not enough closure on much of anything. Too many open ends left. Originally, I thought Up The Rabbit Hole’s ending was too much of a fairy tale ending but after much deliberation I prefer it if La Femme Nikita had to end in four seasons. (It did leave options for spin offs and such). But alas the series is not over yet!

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