La Femme Nikita Season 5 Episode 4 – All The World’s A Stage

Title: All The World’s A Stage

Air Date: February 4, 2001

Synopsis: Nikita encounters an intruder in her quarters in Section One prompting her to want a meeting with Mr. Jones. During a mission with Mick, Nikita discovers a secret about him.

Nikita and Quinn are in Systems. They’ve been at their computers all night. Nikita gets up to leave to get some sleep. Quinn gets a bit upset, "We’re all tired." Nikita simply replies, "I’ll see you in four hours." Quinn just stalks back to her station.

Just as Nikita opens the door to her quarters, someone bursts through the door knocking her down and sprints down the corridor. The intruder takes down several operatives on his way out. Nikita goes after him and takes a high speed elevator to the surface then picks up the chase. She pursues him until he jumps off a bridge on to a waiting boat that speeds away.

Nikita returns to her room to sweep it for evidence of the intruders identity. She finds a finger print but it belongs to a dead woman. As the results of the print search come on the screen Operations and Quinn walk over. Operations asks, "What do you think the person was looking for?" "I don’t know. Why don’t you ask Quinn." "Me?!" Nikita replies, "You did try to stop me from going to my room." Quinn is not happy about the accusation. "I won’t even dignify that with a response." Operations almost seems amused with the exchange. Jasmine gets a visual from the security system and reconstructs the face; but no one recognizes him. Nikita and Quinn just glare at each other.

Perch. Operations tells Quinn that he thinks it was someone working for Michael. "Michael will never turn his back on Nikita. That’s his weakness." Quinn replies, "Caring for someone isn’t necessarily a weakness." Then she steps closer, "I’d like you to feel you can count on me. For whatever you need." He takes off his glasses as he turns toward her, "What do you think? Go to bed with me. Wake up in Madeline’s job." Smiling, "Can’t I be attracted to you without an ulterior motive." "You could. But your not." After a pause he continues, "Madeline and I spent time in the Tower but that had nothing to do with the way we felt about each other. Madeline wasn’t who she was because she slept with me." In a somewhat colder tone, "You’re not ready for the Tower."

Nikita wakes Walter and tells him about the intruder. She doesn’t believe that it was someone from the outside. Wants to talk to Mr. Jones. Walter replies, "You’ll never get him out of Center." "But with your help, I could get Mick Schtoppel out."

Some time later in Systems. Nikita shows Quinn a woman, Massana Valenti, that is tied to The Collective. She’s well protected but dealt with Mick Schtoppel in the past. So he’s the best way in.

Center. Nikita meets Michelle at the desk. Tries to ask her some questions but doesn’t get anywhere. Jones is reluctant to go in the field again but agrees and brings a bodyguard with him. They take a limo to Valenti’s night club. En route, Mick informs Nikita that Section stopped a shipment of Anthrax rockets at the border. Now Schtoppel is the only one who can supply them. When they arrive at the club, Mr. Jones falls back into his Mick routine with ease. Valenti tells Mick to come back with a sample of the Anthrax. While he’s speaking to Massana, Nikita knocks out the bodyguard with a tazer. Mick and Nikita depart in the limo, leaving the bodyguard slumped against the bar.

Section. Operations tries to take a disc with an incomplete report on it. Quinn snaps at him and tells him it’ll be finished in an hour. He insists. But she refuses and he finally lets her keep it. As he walks away, "Why don’t you bring it up to the Tower later."

While they’re driving down the highway, Nikita pulls a gun on Mr. Jones and makes the driver pull over. After cuffing the driver to the wheel she pulls Jones outside and sweeps him for bugs and tracking devices. She smashes his watch, ring, and another from his shoe. "I won’t take this kind of insubordination. You know you just signed your death warrant." After she’s sure no Section devices are left she asks, "Why was I brought into Section?" Jones replies, "Because of your particular skills." She steps closer, "Who is my father?" "I don’t know." Nikita hits him across the face. "I’ve waited seven years for an answer. I’m out of patience."

Jones starts to stutter, "I don’t know…" She knocks him to the ground and kicks him several times in the ribs and stomach. She repeats her questions and starts shooting the ground around him as he begs her to stop. Finally he manages to reply, "I’m not who you think I am. My name is Martin Henderson. I’m an imposter." Nikita is frustrated and disgusted. She growls, "Get up." Martin makes it to his feet just as several vehicles are approaching. Black SUVs, back up security men apparently. Nikita glares at him, "Where’s it at?" He pulls another tracker out of a fake tooth. She slips it on top of a bullet and fires it off into the air. The approaching vehicles continue past the limo, apparently fooled by the tracker moving. Back in the limo. Martin tells Nikita how he was recruited to play Mick Schtoppel. Tells her that he never met the real Jones but after playing Mick for a couple years he was moved into the Mr. Jones role four years ago. Michelle was his contact for orders from Mr. Jones. Nikita wants to go to Center but Martin convinces her it would be better to complete the mission and for her to come over the next day.

Tower. Operations tells Quinn not to turn this into something its not. She informs him about an Oversight message she intercepted that will undermine his authority. He walks to the restroom as she tells him that she can delay it to give him more time to stabilize his power base. Meanwhile, Quinn slips a contact lens out and places it inside Operations PDA. Operations returns to the bed side and tells her to do it.

Valenti’s night club. Martin Henderson is back in his Mick Schtoppel routine. Valenti’s people make them strip to their underwear before meeting with Valenti. As they make their way down a corridor Mick says, "I should thank you. I’ve been trying to get her out of her knickers for years." They enter a room at the end of the corridor. One woman tosses Nikita’s clothes back to her. Nikita takes a gun from one guard and shoots the rest. They secure Valenti and take her back to Section One.

Section One. Quinn tells Operations that she might not be able to make it later since Valenti is being brought in. He insists. "If you don’t mind me being late." Operations meets Nikita and Jones briefly as they come in Van Access. After he walks away Nikita reassures Martin that she’s the only one who knows he broke. As he steps out the door Nikita tells him, "I didn’t care much for Mick or Jones. But I think I really like Martin." He just nods as he walks out.

Armory. "I think I found ‘M’, she works for Mr. Jones." Nikita tells Walter that she thinks Michelle will lead her to her father. But she’s nervous. Walter replies poetically, "The truth will set you free." Nikita groans, "Not in this place."

Center, the next morning. Nikita arrives to find Michelle replaced and a different man claiming to be Mr. Jones. She just backs out of the office and is about to leave when someone walks behind her. She recognizes him as the intruder that was in her room at Section. She follows him from Center to a large estate in the country. Nikita scales the wall and sneaks in an upstairs window. Some classical music is playing rather loudly. After making it inside without encountering any security, Nikita nonchalantly wanders down the halls admiring the place. She goes downstairs and finds Michelle standing in the hallway. Michelle smiles, "We’ve been expecting you." Nikita walks down the hall past her and enters the last room on the right.


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