La Femme Nikita Season 5 Episode 5 – The Man Behind The Curtain

Title: The Man Behind The Curtain

Air Date: February 11, 2001

Synopsis: Nikita finally meets her father and learns the true reason she was recruited into Section One. The Collective seems to have a mole in Section.

Mr. Jones’ House. Nikita walks into an office to see a man sitting behind a desk – her father. "Just call me the real Mr. Jones." Nikita replies, "I need more than a name." Jones explains briefly that he’s the head of the organization, the man behind the curtain, above Oversight and the Sections. Nikita wants more answers but he replies that there’s no time and leads her into the adjoining room. He brings up a schematic of an upcoming mission and tells her that she is to retrieve the contents of a dead drop near the target site. Nikita is persistent in asking for more information. "All in good time. You’ll just have to trust me." Nikita replies, "Can you give me one good reason why I should?" "Goodbye Nikita." Nikita walks out with a cold look.

Section One, Nikita’s office. Walter enters to inform Nikita of the upcoming mission. She tells him that she met her father, that he’s Mr. Jones. "So what did he say?" "Nothing, he’s all business." "That’s too bad." Walter retreats from the room, unsure what else to say. Nikita just sits there glaring then slams her fist against the desk. Minutes later Nikita meets up with O’Brien prior to the mission. She asks him to cover for her on the mission, she needs a seven minute window. O’Brien agrees, "No explanation needed."

Mission. After they enter the safe house Nikita informs Quinn that she’ll have to go dark for about seven minutes. Marco continues alone while Nikita heads for the drop. She finds the park bench on the edge of a cemetery and retrieves a small disk from beneath the seat. Just then a car pulls up and two men approach the bench. Nikita quickly gets away from the bench and pretends to be looking at the tomb stones. The two men decide Nikita must’ve taken the disk but she disappeared. They head back to their car and realize too late that the driver is slumped over in the seat. Nikita pops up from the back seat and kills them both. Then she rolls the body out of the driver’s seat and takes off.

Mr. Jones’ House. Michelle says hello to Nikita as she makes her way to Jones’ office. Seeing that she looks a bit troubled, Mr. Jones asks her what’s wrong. "Drop was hot." Jones is not surprised, "Yes." "I could’ve been killed." Jones laughs lightly, "How many hostiles; three, four? Mere trifle for someone of your ability." After a brief pause he continues, "Do you know what this is?" "Shadow disk." "So you know if its not read by synchronous drive it’ll self destruct. But if I’m careful…" He quickly inserts it in a drive and yanks it back out. Then spins a monitor around for Nikita to see. "It’s Section encryption." says Nikita. "Copied to shadow disk and left in a blind drop for The Collective." finishes Jones. "There’s a mole in Section." "Yes." replies Jones with a grim look. "Who?" "That’s what you and I have to discover. I’ve eliminated everyone but O’Brien and Operations. Your assessment?" Nikita replies, "O’Brien is not a traitor." Jones points out that O’Brien was the sole survivor in two missions against The Collective; not likely for a clean operative. But Nikita insists its Operations. "Investigate them both and report back to me." "Not yet, " replies Nikita surprising him, "we need to talk."

She stands across the room from him, looking away, "Why did you bring me into Section?" "Genetics. You had the ability. You belonged in Section." Nikita comes back coldly, "Nobody belongs in Section." "Nobody wants to be in Section, there’s a difference." "Why didn’t you contact me?" "It was important that you had the ability and desire to contact me."

Jones takes a seat behind the desk. "So you were monitoring me the whole time." "Naturally." replies Jones. "And when I was in danger?" "I had one rule. No interference." he smiles; apparently trying to lighten the mood. Nikita leans toward him on the edge of the desk, "I am your daughter." "It was important that you succeeded on your own…For you to become what you were meant to be you had to be strong and stand on your own feet." Nikita steps back, "And my mother living on the street?" "I couldn’t intervene for security reasons…it was painful." "Do you want me to tell you how much I admire your sacrifices." "No, " he replies in a more fatherly tone, "Just pout because daddy never took you to the zoo. We are not ordinary people. There are certain things we have to do."

With tears in her eyes, "Why us?" "Because there’s no one else who can." After a pause he tells Nikita to go back to Section and find the mole. Then asks her to pass him his cane. Nikita replies scathingly, "Stand on your own and be strong." She walks out glaring at her father.

The Collective HQ. The two heads of the coalition are arguing. One of them has doubts about the mole but they agree to see what transpires on the next mission.

Section. Operations gives a quick briefing. Nikita believes the profile is bad but Operations says they can only spare a level two team due to activity in other sectors. Nikita catches up with O’Brien and tells him that she was reviewing his file. He informs her that he was ordered to abort on the missions where he was a sole survivor and ends up asking her out for dinner. She accepts.

Armory. Walter says O’Brien’s story doesn’t match the records. And when Nikita comments about the profile being bad due to activity in sectors three and five Walter reveals that there’s no activity there. "Operations is lying."

Mr. Jones’ House. Nikita reports her findings and insists that the mole is Operations. However, Jones is not convinced and decides they should monitor the mission to see what happens. Nikita asks, "What did you mean by me, ‘becoming what I was meant to be’?" Jones replies simply, "I was premature. I shouldn’t have said it." "But you did." "I’m an old man. I won’t be here forever." Nikita is caught with a mixture of shock and anger, "You think you can just pass this along like a family business!?" Jones smiles, "Why not?" "I don’t intend to spend the rest of my life here." He nods, "As time goes on I think you’ll find there’s no alternative." "There’s always an alternative." Nikita and Jones watch Section and the mission from his office.

Section. O’Brien is on tactical with Quinn as the mission is executed. "The Collective was expecting us."

The Collective HQ. The two heads are arguing again. Graff seizes control. After seeing the results of the mission Jones orders Nikita to focus on O’Brien.

O’Brien’s Apartment. Nikita and Marco are returning from dinner. She knocks him out with some potent lipstick and finds some shadow disks in his entertainment center. Nikita slaps him awake with her gun drawn. He tells her that he uses the disks to transfer money to help his mother. "It’s not my style to betray the people I work with." he walks away from her ignoring the gun.

Mr. Jones’ House. Nikita insists O’Brien is innocent and the mole is Operations. Jones doesn’t agree. "You told me to trust you. How can I when you will not trust me." He smiles, "Point taken. I do hope your right."

Section One. Operations has just finished a briefing when Nikita and several operatives walk in. "You’re under arrest." states Nikita. "Are you mad?" Jones walks into sight, "Hello Paul." "I should’ve known." Operations clearly recognizes him from some past encounter. Jones informs him that he’s being charged with treason. "Since when have you bothered with excuses." "Confine him." Nikita changes the mission profile as a surprise for The Collective. She tries to explain herself to Marco but he walks away, "You did what you had to do."

Mission at the refinery. O’Brien leads the teams in. They engage hostiles shortly. Quinn informs O’Brien that alpha team is cut off. She looks up at Mr. Jones, "They must’ve gotten our new profile." Quinn orders him to abort. O’Brien tells beta team to withdraw but insists on going to check for survivors in alpha team. Quinn repeats the order along with Nikita. "Not this time." The Collective operatives finally take him down and the refinery is destroyed. Jones looks over at Nikita, who’s looking away, "So, Paul is in custody. O’Brien is dead." Nikita asks, "Who is it then?" "Quite."

The Collective HQ. The men are having a celebration toast. An incoming message reports someone at gate three claiming to be the mole. "How the hell did he get past the perimeter?" They grant him access. All guns are trained on the entrance as a man walks, seemingly unimpressed, around the corner; disheveled hair, dressed in black, calculating stare. Graff is stunned, "Michael Samuelle." "Yes." "For years this man was Section’s best operative. I thought they, cancelled you?" "They failed."

After a pause, "How did you get your information?" Michael responds, "I know them better than they know themselves. Protocols, procedures, contingencies. I helped create them…My guesswork is better than your intel." Michael states he’s here to join them. Under the condition that Nikita is not to be harmed. They shake hands in agreement.

Mr. Jones’ House. Nikita and Jones are reviewing the mission tapes. Jones is standing behind the chair where Nikita is working on the computer. "When is a mole in Section, not a mole in Section." Jones wonders aloud. Nikita asks him why he went along with her decision about Operations being the mole. "You said it yourself. We have to start trusting each other. Think we ever shall?" "We’ll have to see." After a moment, Jones asks her if she’d like to go to a restaurant. "I don’t see why not." Nikita passes him his cane as she gets up from the desk. He smiles after her, "Thank you."

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