La Femme Nikita Season 5 Episode 6 – The Evil That Men Do

Title: The Evil That Men Do

Air Date: February 18, 2001

Synopsis: Operations’ private jet is shot down. Nikita and her father must save him before the enemy does.

Center. Nikita and Mr. Jones are discussing who the mole could be. Jones tells Nikita that Center’s new super computer, VA-TOS, made a startling prediction; Michael Samuelle. Nikita takes the announcement rather well, not seeming to be surprised at all. Jones asks, "Did anyone see him die? Maybe he escaped." After a moment of thought Nikita replies, "Quite possible." Then she stands up to leave, saying that she has to return to Section for a mission. However, Jones has already postponed the mission. He orders Nikita to eliminate Michael if she finds him alive.

Comm. Operations questions why the mission was postponed. Quinn reports that the directive came from Center and Nikita is at Center.

Systems, four hours later. Operations briefs the team on their mission to retrieve a data array from one of The Collective’s computers. Nikita arrives late missing most of the briefing. Operations sarcastically asks Nikita if she’d like to postpone the mission further. "I’ll study the panel in transit."

Mission. Nikita and two operatives infiltrate the compound and Nikita begins the download. As it is about to complete she sends the other two ops out. The download finishes and Nikita slips the disc in a pocket as Quinn informs her that hostiles are approaching. "Take egress three." Unsure of her exit Nikita asks, "Specify egress three." But Quinn doesn’t respond. Nikita makes her exit under heavy fire nearly getting pinned down on the roof. Finally she dives off the edge and crashes through an awning several stories below. She makes it to her feet and sprints down the street.

Section, sometime later. Nikita storms in and confronts Quinn. "Trying to kill me?" More a statement than a question. Quinn tells her that egress three was a late addition and she must’ve missed it. Then insists the frequency was tapped so she couldn’t describe the egress or it would’ve endangered the other operatives. Nikita snaps, "You’re lying." and stalks away toward the Perch. Walter stops her along the way and tells her to calm down. "I’ve been calm long enough." When Nikita steps into the Perch, Operations doesn’t bother to turn around but was clearly expecting her. He slowly turns as she accuses him of trying to kill her but keeps his smugness. Nikita holds out her gun, butt first, "If you want me dead, at least have the guts to do it yourself." Operations laughs, "If I thought you had the guts to give it to me loaded, I’d be tempted." Almost before the words are out Nikita snaps a shot past his head then flips the gun around for him to take. The smug look fades, "This is intolerable." Nikita replies scathingly, "I couldn’t agree more." "I’ll call Jones and demand an Article 3. One of us lives and one of us dies." Nikita holsters her gun, "Just tell me when and where." then walks away. Quinn stops in to see Operations.

Center. Nikita and Operations are on either side of a holographic projection of Jones. (Just his upper torso, larger than life, and suspended in the air forcing them both to look up to him.) They both argue their case over the mission. Operations claims that Michael is alive and working with The Collective. Further, that Nikita helped Michael survive the abeyance mission. Jones sternly asks, "Nikita, is this true?" Nikita simply replies, "Yes." "Paul, return to Section and change all protocols above three." Operations assures him that the task is already underway and takes his leave. The holo blinks out leaving Nikita standing alone in the barren room.

Jones enters, clearly upset by the revelation that his daughter may be the reason that The Collective is still in operation. "It would’ve been better if you had told me yourself. My colleagues will have to be informed." He starts dialing a cell phone. Nikita stops him, "Michael is not the mole." "Are you denying that he’s alive?" "I’m not even denying that he’s been helping them. The question is why?" "Alright, why?" "To learn and buy his way back into Section; to find his son Adam. When the time is right he will come back." Jones agrees to postpone telling his colleagues.

The Collective receives a transmission from their mole. Coordinates and altitude of Operations’ private jet. They quickly call up a missile strike.

Operations’ jet. The pilot announces, "We’ve been painted. Taking evasive action." Operations straps himself into a seat while Quinn tries to diagnose the situation; she stalls. The jet is hit a second time and goes down. Operations ejects. Quinn loses contact at Section and throws down her headset in mock frustration.

Center. Jones briefs Nikita on the situation and warns her that it will be the end of Section if Paul is taken alive. "That won’t happen. Trust me." As Nikita turns to leave, "Do remember, for what it’s worth, you’re not only carrying your own future in your hands."

Crash Site. The Collective’s number two man relays that only the pilot’s body is present. Operations makes his way through a forested area to a small cabin. He enters and finds himself looking down the twin barrels a shotgun in the hands of a twelve year old boy. Operations trades his watch for some bread. Mr. Jones, at Center, directs Nikita’s team to the cabin location but The Collective is already there. They discover the boy wearing Operations’ watch with his primary transponder in it. Elsewhere, Operations commandeers a car then blows it up after dropping some substance in the fuel tank. Quinn detects the explosion at Section; Protocol 5. Jones insists it’s a trap by The Collective but Nikita pursues her goal. The Section team finds Operations near the explosion site but get pinned down by The Collective, apparently guided by the mole. Nikita and Operations escape after arming some type of bomb that obliterates everyone else on the scene except the senior Collective operative.

Center. Nikita debriefs with Jones. He insists that Michael was aiding The Collective. Nikita remains in Michael’s corner, "He’s walking a fine line. Has to maintain credibility." "You have faith in your power over him. How much power does he have over you?"

Comm. Jasmine tells Quinn that Operations wants to see her. Quinn stands up with a worried look and makes her way to Interrogation. When she arrives Operations simply states, "Sit." Quinn plays ignorant. Operations lays out the evidence pointing to her as the mole. Including the bug she planted their first night in the Tower together. He asks for the truth on what she told The Collective, promising her end will be quick. She refuses. Mr. Jones enters the room with a couple men. Operations looks up, "Phillip, just in time." Jones informs Paul that Quinn works for him not The Collective. Paul’s triumphant look turns to one of loathing. Then he laughs as he realizes that Jones only rescued him cause he survived the assassination attempt and couldn’t be allowed to fall into enemy hands.

Systems. Nikita, Operations, and Jones face off. Nikita pleads for Operations’ life saying it’d be a waste to kill him. "If I die for any reason. Kill him. That takes the incentive out of it." Jones gives a thoughtful look, "Congratulations Paul, it appears you’re alive again." Operations laughs, "She doesn’t have what it takes. This proves it." After he walks away, Nikita looks at her father, "He’s right." "Oh, I think you probably do. VA-TOS agrees." Jones relates that the super computer predicted a period of chaos in Section and a ‘savior’ who would straighten it out. Then Jones continues, "I’ve been watching you for seven years. And I’m sure you are what we need." Nikita replies, "I don’t want the job." " I know. Neither did I." He kisses her on the cheek before walking away. Nikita stands there in the middle of the floor for several moments, she slowly reaches up to touch her cheek.

The Collective HQ. Graff and his first officer suspect that someone other than their mole fed some false information to them. They conclude that they need leverage against Michael and decide to find Adam to use as that leverage. Cut to a playground and Adam playing among a group of young children.

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