La Femme Nikita Season 5 Episode 7 – Let No Man Put Asunder

Title: Let No Man Put Asunder

Air Date: February 25, 2001

Synopsis: The Collective kidnaps Adam, Michael’s son, to bargain for Mr. Jones. Operations risks his life to prevent it.

Van Access. Nikita and several operatives return from a mission with an injured comrade. Nikita looks a little frazzled as she instructs the operatives to take the man to medical before making her way to Comm. Quinn reports the status to Nikita, the Collective is increasing activity as well as other groups. “They smell blood.” Nikita heads over to Munitions to return her gun to Walter. She asks where Operations is at. Walter simply replies, “Not here.” then advises her to get some rest. She eventually sees his reasoning, “Tell Comm to hold all calls for…3 hours.”. Then turns and heads to her quarters.

Nikita’s Quarters. Nikita enters her room and dims the lights before dropping on to her bunk. Just as she settles in, an alarm on her computer terminal announces an incoming call. Clearly annoyed, Nikita lies on her back a few moments before giving in and answering the call. Just as she nears the terminal, a channel opens and Michael appears. (Michael has longer hair this season, but here it is trimmed more neatly than in earlier scenes.) The familiar Nikita and Michael music starts playing softly. A stunned Nikita asks, “Where are you?”

“This channel will close in five seconds. Bring me back.”

“Back to Section?”


Just as Nikita is about to say more the channel snaps closed.

Center. Nikita is discussing her contact from Michael with her father, Mr. Jones. Nikita appears rested now and manages to convince a reluctant Jones to agree to bring Michael back, “Section is falling apart. Michael is throwing us a lifeline. Accepting his help may be the only chance we have.”

Retrieval. A black Section Suburban rolls down a city street and comes to a stop in front of a large church. Nikita and several operatives exit the vehicle. The operatives fan out as Nikita approaches the church. Quinn, from Comm, confirms phase one complete. Nikita slowly makes her way down the aisle of the ornate cathedral, she looks from side to side appearing just a little uneasy. She reaches the front of the church but still doesn’t see anything. As she turns to examine the interior Michael approaches from behind her. Nikita hears the light foot falls and turns to face him. Michael is on an elevated walkway, he takes the few steps down to stand directly in front of Nikita. Michael only averts his eyes from Nikita momentarily to take in his surroundings. They stare into each other’s eyes for a moment as if they might be standing before the altar for their wedding.

Nikita asks, “You wanna do this?”

Michael studies Nikita’s face, “I do.”

They remain staring at one another for a moment longer before Nikita breaks away and walks out. Michael falls in a half-step behind her. They exit the church.

Cut to Section. Michael follows Nikita onto the main floor. Quinn glances up from Comm. Walter notices them from Munitions and is clearly pleased. A smiling Walter walks over to greet Michael, “Never thought I’d see your face around here again. How you been?” Michael remains as stoic as ever, “We’ll see.” Nikita tells Michael that Operations will want to debrief, “I’ll be in Systems.”

Perch. A tired and defeated Operations is leaning against the wall beside the door as Michael enters. Operations remains leaning, barely acknowledging Michael’s presence. Michael remains standing and waiting for Ops to speak. Without bothering to look at Michael, “The prodigal returns. What do you want?” Michael replies that Nikita sent him to debrief. “Must be a joke on her part.” Operations turns to face Michael and leans nonchalantly against the wall, “Things have changed. Mr. Jones has taken a more active role. By the way, Mick Schtopel is not the real Jones after all.”

“Who is he?”

“Nikita’s father. Did you know?”


Operations laughs, “I wonder…you were always smart. What could be smarter than getting into bed with the boss’ daughter.” his voice growing serious as he accuses Michael of knowing all along. Never showing a reaction during the conversation, Michael simply replies, “You want me to debrief?” After a moment of thought, “You’d give me enough to be useful, but not enough to lose your leverage.” Michael nods. “I’ve played the game too many times. It bores me. Go play with Jones and Nikita.” Operations looks away from Michael, seemingly even more tired and resigned than before Michael entered. Michael exists the Perch. Operations looks toward the door for a moment after Michael leaves, almost as if he knows some great change is coming and he’ll miss having Michael under his command.

Systems. Nikita and Jones are sitting at a workstation as Michael enters. Nikita introduces Michael to Mr. Jones. Mr. Jones sends Nikita out of the room, then everyone else in the room. A cool calm Michael takes Nikita’s former seat and faces Jones. Michael remains quiet until Jones prompts him to speak. Michael informs him that the Collective plans to hit a meeting at Overset between the F.R.Y and NATO, which was supposedly top secret. Then Michael states he knows the plan and can stop it. Mr. Jones, who had begun pacing the room, turns back to face Michael. “What would it take?” “Myself. Nikita.” “And should you succeed?” As he stands, Michael states, “First I succeed, then we negotiate.” Jones doesn’t have a reply, but is clearly impressed with Michael’s confidence.

Perch. Operations can be seen through the glass, pacing. He blackens the panels. Below on the main floor. Michael, Walter, Quinn, and some other operatives are seated at the conference table. Nikita briefs them on the mission to stop the Collective from interfering with the Overset meeting. She informs them that she and Michael will leave in 30 minutes. Everyone scatters to prepare.

Michael and Nikita are strapping on their gear. Their conversation remains business but there’s definitely some tension and unresolved issues.

Mission. Delegates are seen arriving at the cultural center. At the Collective HQ, Graff and his colleague monitor their teams progress. Back at the center, Michael and Nikita enter the building as Quinn monitors them. As they make their way down a corridor they step over numerous guards that have apparently been taken out by the Collective. Michael takes the lead as they make their way further inside the center. They step around a corner and take out the Collective’s primary team. Back at Collective HQ, the lack of communication is noticed a moment later, but is dismissed. Nikita and Michael continue inside the complex covering each other’s advances. Nikita finds the first device planted by the Collective and deactivates it. Back at the Collective, the abort is relayed and the Dark Team is activated.

Elsewhere in the cultural center. The Dark Team is advancing down a corridor, one man wired with explosives and holding a trigger in his hand that when released will detonate the explosives. Nikita and Michael confront them. Nikita takes out several Collective operatives while Michael wrestles with the trigger man, being sure to keep the man’s hand clamped around the trigger to prevent it from detonating. Michael finally kills his opponent and carefully positions the detonator, still in the dead man’s grasp, so Nikita can disconnect it. Nikita takes out a remaining hostile then kneels beside Michael. As Nikita is working on removing the cable from the trigger. Michael calmly kills a hostile that approaches from behind Nikita, then another from further down the corridor. The cable comes loose and a single beep comes from it. Collective HQ. Graff admits defeat, and agrees that it must’ve been Michael. He orders his colleague, Alain, to find Michael’s son at all cost.

Systems. Michael enters the room where Jones is seated by a workstation and they begin to negotiate. Michael asks where Adam, his son, is at. Jones informs Michael that Elana is dead. Michael remains calm, “How?” Jones replies that it was a traffic accident, and nothing staged by Section or anyone else. Just an unfortunate accident. Adam is in foster care. Michael looks away as Jones continues to speak, angry and sad in his un-emotional way. Jones lets Michael know he’s willing to let him go to Adam and raise him as a father should. But Nikita stays.

“That’s up to her.”

“No, it’s up to me. Adam’s location is archived. Operations can retrieve it. I will give it to you, you go to him, Nikita remains behind. Agreed?”

Michael remains solid, “No. That’s Nikita’s choice.” Jones stands and replies coldly, “What if I don’t give her that choice?”

“You won’t harm me and you won’t keep me from Adam.”

“Really. Why not?”

“Because you’d lose Nikita forever. And you couldn’t live with that.”

They stare at each other for a time. “I’ll expect Adam’s location by this evening.” Michael exits.

Nikita’s Quarters. Nikita approaches her bunk, then stops and slowly turns to find Michael standing near the far wall. They gaze across the room at one another for a long time. Nikita says simply, “I lied.” Michael begins to walk slowly toward her until they are just inches apart. “I know.” Soft music plays as Michael takes her hand then caresses her face. They look at each other longingly. Finally, they kiss. (Some fans were disappointed by this ‘love scene’ that went quickly to the next scene. See the Usenet group for some archived discussions at Google Groups.)

Fancy Restaurant. Michael and Nikita are having lunch. As soon as their server leaves, Michael takes her hand and asks her to come with him. Nikita looks happier than she has in months, radiant. Michael assures Nikita he doesn’t expect her to replace Elana in Adams eyes. Nikita begins to fantasize a little. “A white picket fence? A minivan? A cocker spaniel?” She laughs as Michael continues to smile and look into her eyes, then replies “Why not? We could even have children of our own.” Nikita gets a sad look, “I fear I’ve lost the courage for our dream.” “It’s no dream. We’ll make it work.” But Nikita continues to look saddened.

Systems. Operations is at a workstation trying to retrieve Adam’s location. Quinn enters and offers to help. The tension between them is still obvious and Operations is still angry. She tries to sooth feelings. Then begins telling Operations what she thinks can happen; that when Michael gets his son and wants Nikita to go with him, Jones will have no choice but to allow her to go. “And then, who will Jones turn to? Who’s left?” Operations cheers up and laughs, “And you’ll be right by my side?” “I never denied I enjoyed power. But why can’t power and pleasure go together?”

Cut to Collective HQ, Graff’s colleague is trying a new method to crack into Section. And he succeeds in gaining partial access to Section’s archives. Back at Section, Operations and Quinn find Adam’s record. “Adam isn’t too far from here actually.” Quinn is pleased they found it, but Operations notices some disc activity and realizes the Collective must have gained access to the same data sector. He orders Quinn to contact Nikita, but there’s no response. Operations stands, “The best available operatives, quickly! Have them meet me in Transport.” Operations takes off leaving a displeased Quinn behind.

Adam’s Location. Adam is playing with a radio controlled car when it begins to go off on its own. He follows it leaving his foster mother behind as he follows the car into a parking garage. Adam finally catches up with his toy car at the foot of a Collective operative. A Section Suburban pulls into the garage just then. Adam runs from the man, startled. Operations and the two operatives jump out and take defensive positions to get Adam. Operations tries to talk to Adam, to get him to safety, but the small child is too scared and confused to react.

A fire-fight breaks out around him. A genuinely concerned Operations rushes toward Adam even after his two operatives are killed. Just as he nears him, Alain steps from behind a pillar and shoots Operations. Paul falls beside Adam, who finally realizes the danger and tries to run. Operations shoots one Collective operative while lying on the ground. However, another one snatches up Adam before he can get away. Paul lies helpless, blood dribbles from his mouth signifying a mortal wound. The Collective man shoots him again. Operations lies on the cold concrete motionless with his eyes slightly parted.

Van Access. Nikita and Michael are returning from dinner, seemingly thinking happy thoughts about their possible future. They meet Mr. Jones as they enter the corridor. He has a grim look on his face. “I have disturbing news. The Collective found Adam’s location. Operations tried to intervene and was killed.” Michael and Nikita show little, if any, reaction. Michael asks, “And Adam?” “Taken.” replies Jones. Michael walks away into Section. A dazed Nikita eventually follows, after giving her father an angry look.

Perch. Quinn enters and finds a grieving Walter slouched against a wall. He takes a shot of whiskey from a bottle. “What’re you doing here?” “I rather liked him, and you.”

“I hated him! And I feared him. And I respected and admired him.” After a pause, “I saved his life once. Did he ever mention that?”


“No?” Quinn sits down beside him. “It was a long time ago. He didn’t even thank me. But over the years he’s let things slide that could’ve had me cancelled. But then again, he did things to me that…” Realizing he probably shouldn’t be saying so much, “I guess in the end we both came out about even.”

Walter hands the whiskey to Quinn, she grimaces after taking a slug.

Van Access. Michael is headed out. Nikita is waiting by the door. “If I don’t go they’ll kill Adam.” Nikita pleads, “They’ll kill him anyway.”

“Maybe not. He’s young, he can’t hurt them.”

“I’m coming with you, we go together.”

Michael looks at her and dismisses her idea. “No. If they let Adam go, find him. Take care of him.” Nikita begins to cry as they say goodbye again for perhaps the last time.

Collective HQ. Michael enters followed by numerous Collective operatives. Graff shows him Adam safely locked in a room. After a moment of living with the heartbreaking site, Michael turns back to face Graff. “You have quite a reputation Michael. Some say you’re the best operative alive, on either side. Do you think that’s true?”


A little surprised, Graff quickly recovers, “You’ll need that confidence for the job we have in mind. Bring me Jones or your son dies.”

Michael remains standing by the door as Graff walks away, then reaches up to touch the glass.

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